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Weekly Raptor

Harris’s hawks are the only raptors known to hunt cooperatively. Falconers have only started taking advantage of this in the past few decades. The fact that early reports of groups of these hawks shared kills was originally taken as meaning that they were behaviorally like vultures. The actual situation turned out to be much more… Read More »

Harry Potter and the Satisfying Ending

I can’t claim to have re-read the whole Harry Potter series before reading the final volume, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but I enjoyed the final book anyway. One thing that I’ve appreciated in Rowling’s work is the premise that Harry’s specialness is primarily due to contingent external factors, and these are combined with… Read More »

AiG and Cheerleaders

AiG recently bragged about the 100,000th visitor to their “Creation Museum”: Less than two months after opening its doors to the public, the Creation Museum hosted its 100,000th guest this past weekend—a milestone not expected for months to come and a sign, museum officials say, of the continuing popularity of the critically acclaimed high-tech facility.… Read More »

Rudy Raff Reviews

Rudy Raff has a pair of book reviews, for Edward Humes’ “Monkey Girl” and the Laurie Godfrey and Andrew J. Petto anthology, “Scientists Confront Intelligent Design and Creationism”. Rudolf A. Raff (2007) Intelligent design judged and found wanting: A review of Monkey Girl, by Edward Humes, and Scientists Confront Intelligent Design and Creationism, edited by… Read More »

What’s That Part?

I’m working on some circuit designs and going through some of the components I have on hand. Part of the Great Winnowing in moving earlier this year was tossing all sorts of paper, including various electronics databooks. So when I hit the net looking for a datasheet for a part “CA3030”, I was coming up… Read More »

Life in East Lansing

Diane and I went out on the town last Friday night. There was an outdoor free concert in a plaza in East Lansing featuring “The Lost Marbles”, not to be confused with that other band of the same name in Minnesota. After all, that other band can’t claim that its keyboardist chairs the zoology department… Read More »

Wildlife… Inside

I got up this morning and headed out to my desk in the living room. Somewhere in there I realized that I had company. A very green mantis was perched on my printer. Fortunately, he was perched on a piece of paper, so I was able to move him outside without a whole lot of… Read More »

The Drupal CMS

Something I’ve been dealing with recently is configuration of Drupal CMS-based websites. The, TalkDesign, and Online Zoologists websites all were based upon CivicSpace, which itself was a package of modules running Drupal underneath. What with changes in the server software, I was noticing some accumulated problems with the sites, and recently switched them over… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Back in 2002, Diane’s apprentice Andrea was getting her passage tiercel red-tailed hawk, Lavan, trained. Part of that involved free-flying Lavan to bagged game. These are two pictures from one of those outings. Fuji S2 Pro, Nikkor G 70-300mm lens.

Work and Not Work

Let’s see, following my talk last week I was treated to one of those nasty summer colds. While I’m still hacking (the lovely phrase “productive cough” is all too familiar at the moment), I am on the mend. Between the new laptop from the lab (a MacBook Pro with 4 GB of RAM) and the… Read More »

More Backyard Wildlife

Yesterday, Diane, Ritka, Farli, and I went out in the back area beyond the fenced yard here. I wasn’t paying particular attention to Ritka, but Ritka had found some interesting scent. Our attention was caught, though, when a half-dozen birds broke cover and flew off, the smallest of them as large as a full-grown pheasant.… Read More »

The NRA Finally Notices

Will the ACLU and the NRA finally find common cause? The issue is that in the general free-for-all shredding of constitutional rights by our government, the NRA has picked up in particular the threat posed by Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (NJ) proposed legislation, the “Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2007” (S.1237). The… Read More »

More Workstation Tweaking

This exercise is reminding me of things I used to know. One that I ran into was that you can only have four primary partitions on a single physical disk. This meant that the way I had originally installed Xubuntu, using manually sized root and swap partitions, took up two primary partitions and kept me… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Here’s a picture from the end of the year in 2002. We had Rusty out in the field with the two new hawks, Beater and Biter, who we had trapped in mid-November. Fuji S2 Pro, Nikkor G 70-300mm lens, probably ISO 800.

Workstation Update

I had had a bit of a sore throat starting on Monday. I kept myself in zinc lozenges and Chloraseptic, and made it through my talk Wednesday night. However, on the trip back from Grand Rapids, I could feel myself getting sicker. Thursday brought with it a pretty good set of symptoms for upper respiratory… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/07/10

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. RESTORATION Restoring mildewed memories Diamondhead, Miss. – As after any natural disaster, the belongings most mourned by Hurricane Katrina survivors were family photos – irreplaceable moments of celebration, youth and loved ones frozen in time. So two photojournalists launched Operation Photo Rescue. By Ann Simons,… Read More »

Laughter is the Best… Well, It’s Something

Steve Story at the “After the Bar Closes” forum riffed off of some posted questions comprising a final exam in rhetoric offered by William Dembski, to create a new question. I think the new question should be more widely heard: 14. You are the head of a PR company in Seattle. You have $4 million… Read More »

Talk Preparation

I’m working on a presentation I’m scheduled to give Wednesday night in Grand Rapids on “Antievolution After Dover”. So things will be light here until Thursday, in all likelihood. Thursday is also the day that my workstation parts are scheduled to arrive.

New Workstation Parts Ordered

My general philosophy on the workstations I build is to try to find the best current bang for the buck. So in upgrading my recently-deceased workstation, I turned to the assistance of my friends online to help make it possible (thanks again), and then to to actually put the order together. On Newegg, they… Read More »

Anybody Interested in Sponsoring this Blog?

Given that I’m out my main workstation (my 2001 ECS K7S5A Athlon-powered machine having gone kerput last week), am not rolling in dough, but do have a moderately well-trafficked weblog here, I’d be willing to consider a sponsorship arrangement. On the one side, I’m looking for a computer that’s pretty current in technology terms (dual-core… Read More »