Monthly Archives: December 2008

Out with the Old

Old school creationist and antievolutionist Kent Hovind and his wife, Jo, were convicted of tax evasion, violation of laws against structuring withdrawals to evade reporting, and obstructing investigation of those crimes. They appealed the convictions, their sentencing, the amount of restitution ordered, and the substitution of property for assets that would otherwise have been seized… Read More »

Why the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District Case Mattered

We recently passed the third anniversary of the decision in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case (this past Dec. 20th). Something to keep in mind is that what is at issue isn’t science at all, but rather the pushing of a narrow sectarian religious view via the public schools. Our founding fathers knew… Read More »

Texas: Ken Mercer Confirms “Weaknesses” are Old-School Religious Antievolution Arguments

Texas State Board of Education Member Ken Mercer has an op-ed piece in the San Antonio Express-News. You may recall Mercer from his advocacy of various “weaknesses” taken from the religious antievolution ensemble of arguments at a hearing on November 19th. The opinion piece by Mercer simply confirms that Mercer doesn’t have a grasp of… Read More »

Keeping Up Appearances

I updated the theme using the WordPress 2.x capable version of “Shaded Grey”. There are some features that aren’t yet working, like the drop-down styling of things in the sidebar. But I’ve gotten back the content of the sidebar items that went missing for a while, and that’s a happy thing.

The Christmas Wish List

The holiday season is upon us. Something we do each year is come up with a list of cool things (toys) we’d like for Christmas, or needful things (socks and underwear). There’s the small stuff that we’re likely to get some of, and bigger-ticket items that we can dream about. And, of course, season’s greetings… Read More »


I’ve been saying that there were problems in William Dembski’s “explanatory filter” for a long, long time. I published a book review of The Design Inference back in 1999 that included the following: According to Dembski, because humans identify human agency using the explanatory filter, the explanatory filter encapsulates our general method for detecting agency.… Read More »

Bush Suffers Poisoner To Live — And Pardons Him, To Boot

Jim Rutenberg in the New York Times treats this story of a Missouri farmer receiving a rare Presidential pardon as just one of those “human interest” features. So, what was the fellow pardoned of? Mr. Colliers crime was unlikely and, he said in an interview, unintended. While hunting, he began noticing the reappearance of wild… Read More »