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The Fair Use Thing

Shelley Batts wrote a blog post recently and used a figure from the scientific paper she was discussing to illustrate her arguments. Then Shelley received a cease-and-desist type notice. The blogosphere went wild, and the publisher basically told Shelley to forget about the cease-and-desist notice. There is a joker in the deck when dealing with… Read More »

Software Upgrade, Interface Down

I’ve upgraded this weblog to the latest WordPress release. That, unfortunately, seems to have broken my theme. I’ll see what I can do about that. In the meantime, the default theme at least works. Update: I’ve downloaded the latest revision of the Shaded Grey theme and am working on customizing it again. Also, I’ve updated… Read More »

Early Warning Sign of Educational System Collapse

I can hardly think of a more explicit statement that an educational system has abdicated its responsibility to produce an informed citizenry than the following quote from this story from Casper, Wyoming: “I am very pleased with the openness of the evolution panelists and their willingness to discuss other ideas,” Wallace said. “In the play… Read More »

From China, With Love

Spiking theorized in pet deaths – Los Angeles Times Chinese rice and wheat protein exports used in some recalled pet foods were artificially boosted with the addition of melamine, a known cause of kidney failure. The Chinese businesses involved aren’t answering questions and it is unclear that the Chinese government is going to do anything… Read More »

Live, On Stage, AG Gonzales!

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, after rehearsing his lines on a grueling practice schedule over the past week, took his show to the Senate Thursday. Let’s just say that he received a critical reception. His comment that he practiced for every hearing immediately brought him questions in return concerning his responses to earlier questions, where… Read More »

Kitty Carlisle Hart dead at 96

Kitty Carlisle Hart dead at 96 – The article is an obituary for Kitty Carlisle Hart, actress and media personality. Kitty Carlisle was one of the most astute of the panel on the game show, “To Tell the Truth”, which I remember watching in the 1960s.

Virginia Tech Massacre

Two shooting incidents on Monday at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia have left over thirty victims dead and a number of wounded. The earlier incident appeared to be eesentially a domestic dispute taken to a fatal ending, with two people killed in a dormitory. The second incident had a well-prepared shooter methodically killing people in… Read More »

Wildlife and Sad Endings – A red-tailed hawk who made the academy his home for 15 years has been killed by a car The column linked above talks about the untimely demise of Uther, a male red-tailed hawk who had lived at the military academy at West Point for 15 years. Uther apparently was taking advantage of a… Read More »

Reader Question: Getting Started in Falconry

I got a question from a young reader asking about how one gets into falconry. This is the text of my response: To get a falconry permit, you should contact your state’s wildlife department. This is usually the same branch that handles hunting and fishing permits. What you want is an information packet on falconry… Read More »

Right Outcome, Wrong Reason

Over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Ed Brayton lays out the reasons why it is likely that Attorney General of the United States Alberto Gonzales is on his way out of office. I still don’t know why we in this country tolerated the appointment of someone who in any way condoned, much less worked… Read More »

Are ID Creationism Advocates Afraid to Acknowledge Past Debates?

The Discovery Institute’s big guns, John West and Bruce Chapman, had an opinion piece published in the Dallas Morning News, “Are the Darwinists afraid to debate us?” They were complaining about Southern Methodist University faculty who objected to SMU providing facilities for a DI dog-and-pony show promoting “intelligent design” there. The DI’s approach to this… Read More »

What Do You Think About Egg Donation?

My niece, JoAnne Robin, is doing a project for an honors project at the University of South Florida. She chose to conduct a survey on views concerning human egg donation. She is a few survey respondents shy of her target number of responses. Give her a hand by going to her online survey and answering… Read More »

Pope Benedict: Theistic Evolutionist

Pope Benedict publishes book on creation and evolution This news article reports on a topic that tugs at antievolutionist heartstrings: would the Pope, leader of the Catholic church, throw in with them, joining them in the “intelligent design” big tent? The answer, at least according to this news report, is No. Pope Benedict is reported… Read More »