Monthly Archives: June 2005

Dolphins in the News

There’s a relatively recent story about tool use in dolphins, pointing to the use of sponges for protecting the rostrum in dolphins of Shark Bay, Australia. The story relates how the researchers utilized genetic data to determine that this behavior is passed on from mother to offspring. So far, so good. Then they make the… Read More »

Travel and Talking

I head off for Texas tomorrow, where I’ll be for a week. I’ll be visiting Marc Nowell, my friend who graciously hosts the server that “” — and a number of other domains — runs on. I’ll also be making trips to Waco, Denton, and Dallas to give talks. “Bottlenose Dolphin Biosonar: Sound Production, Bioenergetics,… Read More »

Trouble in Ohio

Panda’s Thumb breaks a national story… ID vs. Academic Integrity: Gaming the System in Ohio The article, by Richard Hoppe, discusses a misuse of the academic process and the steps being taken to protect the integrity of graduate degrees at Ohio State University. Please follow and like us: