Monthly Archives: September 2011

Refreshing Data, Part Two

Some time back, I mentioned getting data off CD-ROM and putting it on hard disk with a second hard disk for back-up. As time passes, this gets more critical. I think archivists start getting antsy about CD-ROM after a decade or so, and I have media that go back to 1996. And I have run… Read More »

Educating Casey on Publishing

We’ve known for a long time that Casey Luskin has some very odd ideas about what constitutes a technical publication. Casey’s been good enough to document another deficiency of his in this respect for all to see, but no one is allowed to comment. (I wonder what happened to the Discovery Institute’s grand experiment in… Read More »

Taxes and Incentives for Job Creation

In the Terry Pratchett novel “Witches Abroad”, he sets up an image of “the optimist’s fire”, which he then defines as “two logs and hope”. I bring this up because I’m seeing people who desperately want to be seen as hard-nosed and fiscally responsible proposing the optimist’s economic booster: tax cuts and hope. Cutting taxes… Read More »