Monthly Archives: July 2009

In the Absence of Knowledge: Melanie Phillips

I just ran across a column from Melanie Phillips in the Spectator. In it, she wrongly accuses Ken Miller of having given “muddled testimony” in the 2005 Kitzmiller v. DASD trial. Further, she lays it out plainly: Whatever the ramifications of the specific school textbooks under scrutiny in the Kitzmiller/Dover case, the fact is that… Read More »

Prof. Steve Steve and ???

Reed Cartwright can hardly contain himself for an upcoming tale on Panda’s Thumb of the continuing adventures of Prof. Steve Steve. PSS got to meet a famous fellow… Reed will have the complete picture, the details, and the identity of Prof. Steve Steve’s latest acquaintance soon.

Toy Yoda v. Toyota

I ran across a captioned photo recently showing a young woman with a boxed Yoda toy, where the caption was a large “FAIL”. The story behind the photo was a bit interesting, and led me to an analysis article by a lawyer with a sense of humor. Several years ago, Jodee Berry was working as… Read More »

Illogic and Innumeracy at the Biologic Institute

The Discovery Institute has posted an essay by a new contributor, Dr. Ann Gauger of the Biologic Institute. If you are wondering whether this new expository source will sustain the Discovery Institute’s longstanding reputation for publishing spin, please read the following excerpts and be comforted. Let me explain what the four forces are, and then… Read More »

Freeze Me, Please! Another Bid Text (1)

I’ve changed my bid text to tell an anecdote about penguins and the predatory skua. I’m not just interested in falcons. I’ve done research on lekking greater prairie chickens. Diane and I were called upon to help researchers test captive-bred prairie chicken response to raptors. We observed the prairie chickens respond to a hawk flying… Read More »

Another Look at Law and Theory

There’s a lot of philosophical discussion about what, precisely, constitutes a law or a theory in scientific practice. There’s also a lot of usage of the terms that has come to us over several centuries of not-quite-consistent application of terms. What I’d like to offer here is not a scheme to try to make past… Read More »