Monthly Archives: August 2009

Settling In

I’m commuting about half an hour each way to work. We’ve been rearranging belongings and vehicles, using our travel trailer as a storage space for the moment, and that’s taken up extra time. This weekend we’ll work on the hawk mews for Rusty. And I can look forward to my first substantial paycheck to hit… Read More »


This is a short note written from the Florida welcome center just south of Georgia off I-75. They have free WiFi. Later I may go into the new half-inch soon-to-be scar on my pate and the great trailer tire fiasco, but for now this is an update on progress. I should be in Clearwater by… Read More »

Moving On

Life is change. I’m at a change point in my life. My time here at Michigan State University is up. Fortunately, there is a next job in the offing. I am currently in the midst of packing to head south to Florida. I will be taking up a job at the Fish and Wildlife Research… Read More »

Banks and Deposits

There’s a site called “Complaints Board” where I found a complaint that reminded me of a personal experience. He had a problem with a hold being placed on a deposit. I went to deposit my paycheck on friday @ noon. They said I could only have access to $100 until tomorrow. This irritated me but… Read More »