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Internet Access as a Hospital Service?

Back when I was in the hospital in 2004, one thing that helped my state of mind was getting online via dial-up to the Internet. I could do email, surf the web, do instant messaging, and generally keep in touch with reality outside the hospital room. Late in my first stay, an administrative type came… Read More »

A Salvo from Crux

Remember Crux Magazine? Where the same fuddy-duddies who have been pushing 200+ year-old antievolution arguments tried to bill themselves as hip, cool antiestablishment commentators? Remember the “HIV doesn’t cause AIDS” article they promoted? Well, now they’re back. This time, though, they aren’t releasing their content online where just anybody can grab it and comment on… Read More »

NCSE Podcasts

The National Center for Science Education is producing podcasts of its email news update. Mostly these are produced weekly, with occasional special news items being sent out as news breaks. Carrie Sager delivers these news summaries that are written by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch. Want to keep up with developments in evolution education using… Read More »

Michigan Fight Resumes

Fight over teaching scientific theories likely to continue In Michigan, a “critical analysis” style bill that mentioned evolution and climate change specifically was altered to make it generic, then it was passed out of committee. Changes on the floor could restore the language removed in committee. It really doesn’t matter what people call the failed… Read More »

Another Trial, Everyone?

It looks like the case of six private school students against the University of California system will go forward to trial, as reported by Sean Nealon. The UC system sets course standards for admission, and has not approved certain courses, including biology, offered at the Christian private schools that the students attend. The students claim… Read More »

My Hat’s off to You, Mrs. New

The New York Times reports on a dedicated science teacher in Georgia who quietly insisted on teaching biology with evolution as its central unifying concept. According to the article, Mrs. New was proselytized by her principal, was bushwhacked by the principal and superintendent who sicced two antievolution zealot parents on her and offered no support… Read More »

Everything You Know About Genesis is Wrong

Over on Best Syndication, there is an article by Herman Cummings. For those of us in evolution/creation issues, Cummings crops up from time to time, invariably to say the following things: – Genesis has been misinterpreted by everyone. – Only one person has figured out what Genesis actually says, and his name is “Herman Cummings”.… Read More »

Research ID Wiki Opens

Joey Campana has developed a site based on the MediaWiki software called They make a point of note that it opens today, June 22, 2006. That’s a mere four years and one day after I announced the opening of (TD) at the end of my talk at the CSICOP Fourth World Skeptics Conference.… Read More »

Academies of Sciences Around the World

Another BBC report, and this one is big: Academic Societies Around the World Support Teaching Evolution. 68 societies joined in putting out this statement via the InterAcademy Panel on International Issues: IAP STATEMENT ON THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION We, the undersigned Academies of Sciences, have learned that in various parts of the world, within science… Read More »

Some Pictures

Last Saturday, Emily and I were driving by Todos Santos Park in Concord, where there were a bunch of Corvettes out on display. We had to go have a look. dscf4337_ws.jpg dscf4342_ws.jpg dscf4350_ws.jpg dscf4353_ws.jpg dscf4365_ws.jpg dscf4383_ws.jpg Please follow and like us:

Dr. Bill Lucas: Pwned

OK, you have to check out the account of an on-the-spot takedown of antievolutionist Bill Lucas, Ph.D., in the Q&A session following a talk. “Silkworm” reports taking Lucas to task over bad geology, false claims of peer-reviewed presentations, and false credentials. “Silkworm” reports being scolded by an attendee, twice, for not being “nice”. Well, it… Read More »


My sister, Emily Kay, is visiting on her way back to Australia. Today, we went out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a soup-and-salad place in Pleasant Hill. Then we headed to the theater in Concord to see “The Da Vinci Code”. On the way there, we were making a left-hand turn and waiting for the… Read More »

Peoples Archive

Burt “TM” Humburg sent me a link to the Peoples Archive, a site that collects videotaped interviews with scientists, philosophers, artists, moviemakers… essentially the people who have demonstrated that they have something to say to the world that is worth listening to. These interviews are divided up into discrete short “stories”. You can use your… Read More »

How to Write an Antievolution Article

Today’s lesson is about publishing. Not writing. Not scholarship. Just the act of getting words out in front of other people without any sort of tedious labor behind them. Oh, and most important, these words will have your name in the byline. The case study is Creationism – How Entropy challenges Evolution Theory by B.… Read More »

Scientists create hybrid butterfly species in lab

LONDON (Reuters) – Scientists said on Wednesday they have created a distinctive red and yellow butterfly in the laboratory by interbreeding two different species in a way similar to what they believe has occurred in nature. Please follow and like us:

Coulter on “Darwinism”

Ann Coulter’s new book excoriating liberalism, by various reports, uses about a third of its pages to rail against “Darwinism”. This is somewhat more interesting than it otherwise would be (I mean, how many irrelevant rants against “Darwinism” do you need from people who have no training or experience in the fields?) because William Dembski,… Read More »

Weakened Science Education in South Carolina

South Carolina’s The State gives a question and answer article about the just-adopted state science standards and their coverage of evolution. The changed standards include language that says, “Summarize ways that scientists use data from a variety of sources to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory.” QUESTION: South Carolina has been lauded nationally… Read More »