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Movie List

Picked up from Facebook… If I’ve counted correctly, I’ve seen 84 out of the following 232 movie titles. (Counts via use of “cat | grep pattern | wc” to get watched and unwatched numbers. The original on Facebook said it had 239 titles, which I think is wrong. I even added a couple where a… Read More »

Kirk Durston and Misrepresentation of Avida

Kirk Durston wrote in his “Introduction to Intelligent Design”: Recent computer simulations have failed to generate 32 bits of functional information in 2 x 10^7 trials, unless the distance between selection points is kept to 2, 4, and 8-bit steps. The 2003 Lenski et al. paper on Avida is cited by Durston as supporting the… Read More »

Poles of the Conflict Model Are Self-Reinforcing

The conflict model of the relation between science and religion is polar, with doctrinaire religious people at one pole and adherents of evangelical atheism at the other. Each time one stakes out an even more extreme position, it elicits, in almost Pavlovian stimulus-response fashion, an equally extreme rejoinder. Take, for example, Carol Iannone’s piece in… Read More »

200th Anniversaries

Today is the 200th anniversary of the births of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. I’ll be adding things to this post through the day. Google has taken note of the day. If you go to their website, they have a Darwin’s finches-themed logo: There are lots of Darwin Day activities going on around the country.… Read More »

Florida: Reliving the Past

State senator Stephen Wise plans to introduce a bill requiring balanced treatment for “intelligent design” whenever evolutionary science is taught in Florida’s science classrooms. Of course, “balanced treatment” and “equal time” bills for “creation science” led to the 1987 SCOTUS decision in Edwards v. Aguillard that ruled “creation science” as unconstitutional. Wise’s bill, if worded… Read More »

Doctor in the House

Jill Biden earned her Ph.D. Ed.D. in 2007 in education. Robin Abcarian, reporter for the Los Angeles Times, must be having a tough time finding material to write about, given the article attacking Biden for being identified as Dr. Jill Biden. The level of research Abcarian undertook is exemplified by this erratum in the online… Read More »

Biosonar Turns Waspish

Nature (7228, p.361) had notice of an article in Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (96, 82-102, 2009) that demonstrates the use of biosonar in several species of parasitic wasps. These wasps seek out beetle larvae in trees, using hammer-like ends of the antennae to produce sound. So far as I know, this is the… Read More »