Monthly Archives: May 2006

The Neglected Comedies

Ed Brayton has his reactions to a list of the “100 funniest movies of all time”, including mentions of several that he thought should have been on the list. One of the comments noted that the list appeared to only be of things made in the past 40 years or so, and that struck me… Read More »

More FreeBSD Stuff

I’m going to talk about setting up a laptop computer to boot and run FreeBSD from an external USB 2.0 attached hard drive. So far, this is working pretty nicely. The office laptop hard drive broke down, so I’ve been doing a bunch of re-installation of stuff. For the office crew, it’s a given that… Read More »

A Secret Science From the Stars?

Last week, there was a public show put on at Biola — that’s the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, if that is unfamilar. Called “Intelligent Design under fire”, it featured several of the leading lights of the ID movement fielding questions from various critics, and also giving the ID crew the opportunity to confer the… Read More »

FreeBSD OS Upgrading Notes

I’m working on upgrading the OS on a FreeBSD server currently. The server is running version 4.9, and I want to move to version 6.1. The docs for FreeBSD discuss migration issues. Apparently, I could get there by upgrading in place to version 5.3 or 5.4, and then do a second in place upgrade to… Read More »

Cultural Literacy: The Movies, Part 1

Having guests over often requires some shared time with certain movies. There were a few that we were able to watch with our guests last week, and that led me to think about listing some of the movies that Diane and I would likely check to see whether you were familiar with them. These are… Read More »

Argument by Incomprehensibility

There was a panel discussion at Florida State University yesterday on “After Dover”, featuring Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education, Rob Pennock of Michigan State University, and Stephen Gey, Michael Ruse, and Joseph Travis of Florida State University. Patricia Deborah Blum moderated the discussion. (Thanks to “Vyoma” for the correction.) There was… Read More »

Another View of Phillip Johnson

Phillip E. Johnson may believe six inconsistent things before breakfast, but we don’t have to follow his example — or trust his latest inconsistent pronouncement. The Sacramento Bee recently ran an article featuring an interview with Phillip E. Johnson, the “godfather” of the “intelligent design” movement. His main disappointment is that the issue hasn’t made… Read More »

Disaster of the Week

A personal one: a hard disk on the server that hosts PT went south. I am working on getting things restored following that. This may take a while.

Diane’s Return

Diane arrived home a little after 6 PM Sunday evening. The first thing was getting the trailer in the driveway, which is a bit of a trick given the dimensions of the cul-de-sac we live on. We’ve got to find an RV dump station somewhere before we can park the trailer more or less for… Read More »

Mothers of Invention

OK, OK, this is just looking at a media gimmick. But do check out the online voting for the “Mothers of Invention” competition reported on ABC’s Good Morning America show. And happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Script of SMU Presentation

The following is my script for the fifteen minute presentation I gave at the SMU debate on April 25th. I hope to do some more with this, but I need to check with the organizers to make sure I won’t step on any toes, if they plan to sell audio or video from the event.… Read More »

Scripps, FL At Risk

When it comes to science infrastructure, the talking points are financial, not technical. And so Science magazine reports that the deal to bring Scripps, the prominent California research institute, to establish a Florida branch in Palm Beach County, is still up in the air due to money. Scripps says that they can’t jeopardize their La… Read More »

Travel Day

My time in the DFW area is coming to an end. I head back to California this afternoon. I had four presentations while visiting DFW, the SMU debate last Tuesday, a class at UTA last Thursday, a talk and dinner with the North Texas Skeptics on Saturday, and a talk at the First Jefferson Unitarian… Read More »