Monthly Archives: September 2005

Resources on Kitzmiller v. Dover

Here’s a couple of things I’ve been working on rather than posting here lately: National Center for Science Education resource on Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District and Waterloo In Dover: The Kitzmiller v. DASD Case, on the Panda’s Thumb. I may do some podcasting here as the trial gets going. We’ll see.… Read More »

Spell Checking for Web Forms

Something that I recently found a need for was adding spell checking to web input forms. With a WordPress installation on another server, I found a spell checker plugin. I wouldn’t say that this plugin was easy to install (the instructions don’t necessarily resolve all the issues with where components are expected to be), but… Read More »

Is This Your Support Chat?

I needed to have a change made to add a CNAME alias in the DNS for a domain, where the DNS is handled by a web hosting company. So I go to their web site, and under “support” they have a “live chat” option. After entering the specifics of my DNS change request, here is… Read More »

Where Are They Now?

I had a letter to the editor printed in my hometown paper, and one of my high school classmates took the opportunity to email me. Today, I came across this photo: and I wonder where these people are now, and if they have any interest in saying, “Hi!”. This is a picture of a birthday… Read More »

“I’m Not Darwin-Only” T-shirt

“I’m Not Darwin-Only; I’m Science-Only” T-shirt now available. Evolutionary biologists haven’t been “Darwin-only” since…, well, actually, they’ve never been that way. Even when “On the Origin of Species” was first published, there were Lamarckians and folks who took Chambers’s “Vestiges” seriously. Reading Peter Bowler’s “Evolution: The History of an Idea” might help people who mouth… Read More »

Of Pandas and People

I’m going through the textbook produced by the Foundation for Thought and Ethics, “Of Pandas and People” (OPAP). I’m not going to say a lot here about it, at least not for another month or so. But I thought that I should say something about my state of thought about it. This has to be… Read More »

Prairie Chickens

Back in 1994, Diane and I were taking an animal behavior course from Dr. Jane Packard. Part of the course involved doing a project concerning observation of Greater Prairie Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus) at the SURF facility in College Station. The males put on lekking displays, even in captive facilities like SURF. The official project… Read More »

Still More on Yecke

What was seen in Minnesota with Dr. Yecke was a strange reliance on “Santorum” language. Science Issues The last time we went through this process, we learned some important lessons that I hope will make your job easier. Perhaps the best lesson that we learned is that controversial issues can stymie the work of a… Read More »

Katrina: Did Scientists Not Do Enough?

Mike Dunford at The Questionable Authority has an intriguing post concerning blame for the lack of preparedness in dealing with Hurricane Katrina. Where many people are now attempting to single out some handy scapegoat for blame, Dunford argues that we should distribute the blame instead, and that one of the groups that must take a… Read More »

Interesting Times on a Friday Evening

When I got home from work this evening, there were three police cars with lights flashing in front of my house. Diane was talking with a policeman as I came up. There was a helicopter circling overhead. Apparently, a car-jacking came to an abrupt stop in our little cul-de-sac, and one of the people ran… Read More »

Nature Publishes Chimp Genome

The draft of the complete chimp genome has been published in the journal, Nature. I got email today from Nature this morning offering the chimp genome issue for free. Go to this page, answer some survey questions, and the following screen says the issue will arrive in four to six weeks. update: Nature now says… Read More »