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Biological History: Strickland on Zoological Systematics

In looking at the Wallace biogeography flap, I came across an interesting passage in Wallace’s 1855 Sarawak paper: We shall thus find ourselves obliged to reject all those systems of classification which arrange species or groups in circles, as well as those which fix a definite number for the divisions of each group. The latter… Read More »

Coyne, Wallace, and Flannery

There’s a post on “PRUnderground” that takes delight in an alleged screwup by Prof. Jerry Coyne. Coyne is stated to have made a claim during a radio program about Alfred Russel Wallace: In particular, Jerry was emphatic in claiming Alfred Russel Wallace never connected biogeography to evolution: “Wallace did not use biogeography as evidence of… Read More »

Losing Revenue?

Have a look at this article on the BBC site. There’s just so much wrong. The mobile telephony companies are toting up projections of profit from SMS and MMS messaging and seeing a shortfall as a “loss”. “I think it’s a growing threat which is manageable through the right tariffs and the right costing,” Mr… Read More »

Some Data Analysis and Visualization

As noted here before, I’m working through refreshing archived data, mostly from CD-ROM media. I’ve run into a whole batch of CD-ROM disks that are in good physical condition, but which mostly cannot be read. I’m trying some tools that I’ve seen recommended, but would be open to suggestions. But the whole point of getting… Read More »

The Weekend

I don’t know what other people got up to this weekend, but mine has been pretty well filled with computing projects. I’ve been working with my friend Marc to try to get to the bottom of the Verizon FIOS connection foul-up. We each ran TCPDUMP on our respective machines while making a request that could… Read More »

Critical Analysis, Critically Analyzed

Dr. Eugenie Scott is giving a public talk Thursday, February 9, 2012, at the University of South Florida in Tampa. The topic is on the “critical analysis” legislative efforts that have popped up in Florida, and how these are part and parcel of the creationism movement. The location is FAH 101 and the time for… Read More »