Monthly Archives: May 2011

Magical Mathematical Metrics: Intelligent Design Hijinks

Over at the “Uncommon Descent” blog, poster “niwrad” decided to dispute claims of high sequence similarity between human and chimpanzee genomes. “niwrad” posted a statistical test of human/chimp genome comparisons in September, 2010, and a follow-up post this week comparing two human genomes using the metric from the earlier post. These were brought to my… Read More »

End-of-the-World Playlist

Over at NPR, there was a post asking people for the song to be played during the Rapture as predicted by Harold Camping. I gave several choices in my response: For years, I’ve kept a directory of songs, just called “apoc”. Top choices that are explicitly about the end of the world out of that… Read More »

Plotting a Dolphin Biosonar Click Train

I’ve been busy recently doing up figures for a paper on dolphin biosonar. One of the figures we ended up turning in earlier this week wasn’t exactly as I wanted it, but deadlines don’t wait. I put a lot of hours into trying to find alternative plotting for it, but just hadn’t found the right… Read More »

Revisiting Code

Back in graduate school, I wrote tens of thousands of lines of Delphi code in support of research projects I worked on. Well, it is several years later, and my colleagues and I are getting back to the job of writing things up from those projects. And with manuscripts, one also has figures. A fairly… Read More »