Monthly Archives: October 2007

Shooting Hawks Now a Royal Pastime?

An AP report says that the UK’s Prince Harry and a companion were questioned by police concerning the shooting of two “hen harriers” at the royal residence at Sandrignham. Harry and a friend, who were in the area at the time of the alleged shooting, were questioned by police but knew nothing about the incident,… Read More »

John Angus Campbell’s Election Campaign Gets a Boost from the Kitsap Sun

Discovery Institute Fellow John Angus Campbell picked up a recommendation from the Kitsap Sun newspaper recently, in an apparent “anyone but the incumbents” bright-line choice that overlooks the baggage the non-incumbents may be carrying with them. In other words, reading the endorsement makes it clear that the Sun’s evaluation of Campbell went no further than… Read More »

Restarting Weekly Raptor

I’m hoping that things are getting back into a groove where I can put up pictures of raptors on a weekly basis again. Our birds are getting out some now. The leaves are turning color and falling here. The temperature is falling, too. I’ve been told that “road construction” season will soon be over, giving… Read More »

Ernest Elsberry, Jr.

Last weekend, I was in Florida and visited my uncle, Ernest Elsberry, Jr. He was having complications from a failure of a replacement mitral valve. Despite the fatigue and pain, we were able to talk about bird dogs and hunting in central Florida, among other things. Ernest Jr. had a career in the US Customs… Read More »

Florida’s Proposed New Science Standards

There’s an Orlando Sentinel article by Leslie Postal that describes how the new proposed science standards explicitly say that students should learn about evolutionary science. The proposed standards will have a period now for public commentary before the Florida Department of Education adopts them. This is the final, critical phase for the citizens of Florida… Read More »

UF/UGA in Jacksonville, 10/27

I’m visiting family in Florida this week, and one of the things I was tasked with was getting four tickets to the U. Florida Gators vs. U. Georgia Bulldogs college football matchup in Jacksonville sold. So they are up on eBay, set to sell in pairs. The auction ends Sunday afternoon. We figured that way… Read More »

Prof. Steve Steve Visits; Dinner and a Mineral Show

Prof. Steve Steve finally stopped taking advantage of the hospitality of the Chicago contingent of the PT/AtBC community, arriving on my doorstep on Friday. Prof. Steve Steve seems to have “Be Prepared” down pat. Then we were off to dinner. Ed Brayton picked “Smokey Bones” in Lansing as the meeting place. Clockwise around the table,… Read More »

Behe Jumps Shark

Over the summer, Abbie Smith called Michael Behe on statements that he made about HIV in his book, “The Edge of Evolution”. It’s taken two and a half months, but Behe finally got around to saying something himself about the issues raised. Now, up to this point Behe has had the character of harmless nebbish… Read More »

Unacknowledged Errors in “Unacknowledged Costs” Essay

Back over the summer, William Dembski was talking up “Baylor’s Evolutionary Informatics Laboratory”, and one of the features there was a PDF of an essay critiquing the “ev” evolutionary computation program by Tom Schneider. Titled “Unacknowledged Information Costs in Evolutionary Computing”, the essay by Robert J. Marks and William A. Dembski made some pretty stunning… Read More »

Antievolution in a “Post-Wedge” World?

Google Alerts popped up with use of my name elsewhere in a comment about freeing “intelligent design” from the “Wedge” strategy in a “Post-Wedge world”. I don’t think that there is a “Post-Wedge world”. As long as the same old tired, bogus antievolution arguments get used to diminish evolutionary science, the “Wedge” is still in… Read More »

O’Reilly and Math

Diane and I are visiting the breeders from whom we bought Ritka, our young Vizsla. A copy of Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior book was on the kitchen table, and I couldn’t resist having a look at his comments on education. And my outrage threshold was crossed with the following comment by O’Reilly. Want more evidence… Read More »

The Silence of the Blog

Sorry for the posting hiatus. Things are picking up at work, and there are a number of issues we are dealing with under deadlines otherwise. I am working up a post to appear here and at Panda’s Thumb soon concerning unacknowledged errors in an antievolution essay. There has been some recent progress on modifications that… Read More »