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Beckwith Reviews Numbers

The personable Baylor prof Francis Beckwith has a review of Ronald Numbers new edition of “The Creationists”. Beckwith praises Numbers for something Numbers gets wrong (an arbitrary distinction between “creationism” and “intelligent design”), corrects Numbers on details of the Baylor Polanyi Center affair, and alludes to a “mistake” that supposedly is common among “ID critics”:… Read More »

Equipment Malfunction

I’ve had two items malfunction on me recently. I have a Canon S2 IS camera, and was surprised to be presented with a black screen upon powerup. So far, this happens intermittently, but the discussion available via search indicates that soon it will only show a black screen and record completely black images. The problem… Read More »

Revisiting Nelson’s Recycled Dysteleology Rant

As noted on Panda’s Thumb, Paul Nelson is giving yet another talk on the argument from dysteleology. This was one of the first things I ever heard Nelson talking about, way back in 1997 at the “Naturalism, Theism, and the Scientific Enterprise” conference. And I had a response to Nelson at the time. I’ll append… Read More »

US Air Force Museum

A few panoramic collages from our visit last week to the US AIr Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio… A wind tunnel from the early 1900s takes center place amidst a balloon and WWI Fokker triplane. There is a hangar inside Wright-Patterson devoted to experimental military aircraft. The same side of the hangar… Read More »


We’ve been on the road for just over a week. I aim to be home and back to posting on a more-or-less regular basis in early June. Please follow and like us:

United Methodist Church in the News

I just got an email from Michael Zimmerman about the recent United Methodist Church convention. The UMC has incorporated proposed accepting acceptance of evolutionary processes into the Book of Discipline, endorsed the Clergy Letter Project, and opposes religious intrusions into the science classroom. “Therefore be it resolved that the General Conference of the United Methodist… Read More »

More Commercials

Visa has a commercial based on turning getting snacks and into seats at the theater into a mini-action flick. The protagonist couple get their tickets and see a clock showing “8:59”. The music ramps up and our heroes almost manage to screw up pay trying to find cash, but the woman saves the day with… Read More »

Michigan: Call to Action on Falconry Bill (SB 1085)

I got the following notice from the Michigan Hawking Club: Attention Michigan Falconer Last Wed April 23rd the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Affairs Committee passed Senate Bill 1085. This bill will allow a continued take of Wild Raptors for Falconry use. It Ends the Sunset and puts the rules and regulations concerning wild take… Read More »

Florida: Squeaking By

The Florida legislature failed to pass either of two forms of the Discovery Institutes draft academic freedom bills, and adjourned Friday evening. We have until the legislative session next year to make sure that those in the legislature know exactly what the history and intent of bills like that are. But it doesnt feel like… Read More »

Oxygen depletion: A new form of ocean habitat loss

Oxygen depletion: A new form of ocean habitat loss We take breathing for granted. And especially we take the availability of oxygen for granted. For air-breathing animals, things are relatively simple on the physics. If there is adequate ventilation, the air is comprised of about one-fifth oxygen, and only things like altitude really impinge on… Read More »

Florida: The Legislature Countdown

The Florida legislature’s session ends tomorrow. Today, the Florida Senate basically tossed the ball into the House’s court, to amend their wording to match the Senate version of an antievolution bill. The House is still in session going on into the evening. There’s a lot of actual legislation needed to keep the state government going… Read More »

Another OS Upgrade

I have a Gateway MT6458 laptop. It came with Windows Vista pre-installed. I pretty much immediately shrank the partition to make room for a Unix boot partition and a shared data partition. I chose the Xubuntu Linux distribution to install for my Unix desktop. I’ve been through one bungled upgrade that was my fault, and… Read More »

Flunked, Not Expelled: Ben Stein Says Scientists Are Murderers

Friendly Atheist Scientists Are Murderers According to Ben Stein, at least. Stein (speaking about the Holocaust): that was horrifying beyond words, and thats where science in my opinion, this is just an opinion thats where science leads you. Crouch: Thats right. Stein: Love of God and compassion and empathy leads you… Read More »