Monthly Archives: July 2005

Credit Cards and Identity Theft

I ran across an interesting article on identity theft that points out the 50 million or so accounts whose security has been compromised so far. Bottom line: one in six people here in the USA may be subject to risk of identity theft to date. The article goes on to say that the most powerful… Read More »

Another Friedman Op-Ed Gets It Right

I am really liking Thomas Friedman’s op-ed columns in the New York Times. Yesterday’s column was about taking a longer-term view in strategies for our national welfare, independence, and healthy commerce. The op-ed uses an analogy to the winning ways of Lance Armstrong and his support team: I have been thinking about them lately because… Read More »

Berkeley Howlerfest

OK, I’m taking the cheap way out and pointing to John Wilkins’s writeup of the Howlerfest held on the 25th. A fine time was had by all, even if the cardinality of “all” is four. (Update: There’s a post with pictures at the Panda’s Thumb. My 24mm f/2.8 Nikkor from 1977 is still making nice… Read More »

One Paper On Its Way

Last week, I got word that one of the manuscripts had received final approval from the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program for external publication. So, after a round of communication with the other six listed authors, I got down to the business of getting the thing submitted to a journal. Please follow and like us:

The Week that Was

Busy, busy, busy. Diane and Gail had a proposal due on Wednesday, so they were putting in a lot of time on that early in the week. Diane went up to Davis and stayed overnight on Thursday. That worked OK, so she is planning to make a weekly stay-over a feature for future weeks, cutting… Read More »


More pictures at this page. Notice this picture where one of the fireworks went off essentially at ground level. It is good to keep a safe distance from the staging area. I took these on July 3rd and 4th in the schoolyard behind the backyard here. I used my Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR (ISO… Read More »

What I Did Over the 4th of July Weekend

Diane and I went to agility trials at the Dixon Fairgrounds on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of July. Farli turned 12 on the 2nd, and she also had two clean runs in her agility classes. She got a first place and third place ribbon that day. Farli did pretty OK in runs on the… Read More »