Monthly Archives: September 2009

Gator Attack Way Too Close to Home

This past Monday, Diane was out house-hunting. She checked out a listing for a house that was interesting in part because it was close to a park. After looking at the house, Diane went over to the park to have a look at it, too. This was Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg, Florida, near… Read More »

Remark on Fine-tuning Arguments

Over at BioLogos, fine-tuning was mentioned. A comment asked whether they wished to do that, since fine-tuning was an “example of intelligent design reasoning”. Here’s my reply: I’m not certain of the original provenance of fine-tuning arguments, but I know that they cannot be claimed to be the product of “intelligent design reasoning”. One can… Read More »

Catching Up

There are things that get put on the to-do list and just seem to stay there. I’m dealing with some of that because there really hasn’t been much spare time for me to apply to clearing some of those off the list. For example, I just tonight got around to dealing with about three administrative… Read More »

I Feel Like a Hermit Crab

One who has gone through a molt and requires another domicile. Diane has been looking at properties within about 40 to 50 minutes commute of my new place of work in St. Petersburg, Florida. Of course, she is restricting the search to things that (1) are within our current limited means to qualify for a… Read More »