Monthly Archives: April 2010

“A Special Kind of Air Patrol”

My parents send me interesting articles from my hometown paper, the Lakeland Ledger. One of the latest of these I got was an article by Eric Pera titled, A Special Kind of Air Patrol. It is about Polk county farmers employing American Bird Abatement Service (ABAS) to keep crops like blueberries safe from depredation by… Read More »

True Things About Evolution

I was looking for a particular post of mine, and ran across this one from back in 1999. “The Patterson Challenge” refers to a lecture given by Colin Patterson in which he asked his audience a question. This incident has become a favorite quote of antievolutionists. I’ve been putting a simple question to various people… Read More »

Nationals of the National Ocean Science Bowl

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership’s National Ocean Science Bowl is holding its national competition this weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida at the USF/St. Pete campus and FWRI. There is round robin competition on Saturday, then the finals will use a double-elimination tournament schedule that finishes up on Sunday. I’m signed up as a moderator in… Read More »

CoverFlorida Health Care

Last year, the CoverFlorida Health Care program got started. This is essentially group insurance for the Florida uninsured pool, organized by (but not paid for by) the state of Florida. Governor Charlie Crist says the following on the CoverFlorida website: During the 2008 legislative session, my administration worked with legislators of both parties to secure… Read More »

New ISP for Us: Verizon FIOS

We got our new ISP activated on Saturday, and we had selected Verizon FIOS. On a dollars per bandwidth unit basis, it was by far the most effective way to spend the money. The choices where we are were Verizon DSL, Bright House cable, and Verizon FIOS. I had priced the DSL a couple of… Read More »