Monthly Archives: May 2005

Layla and Ritka

OK, sometimes circumstances cooperate with the photographer, when the light, the subjects, and the machinery all somehow come into alignment and the photographer actually engages the shutter release at pretty much the right time. In going through some recent photos I’ve taken, this one is a standout. If anyone has an idea for a caption,… Read More »

Oklahoma, Textbooks, and Ignorance

In an online press release on 2005/05/25, Oklahoma state Senators Mike Mazzei & Clark Jolley announced, “Henry Nominee for Textbook Committee Opposed”. Interesting… what, in particular, made them think that the nominee in question, Dr. Virginia Ann Dell, should be opposed? “Despite her impressive academic degrees and her service as a teacher at the Oklahoma… Read More »

To Olley and Rubinstein

Over on the Social Affairs Unit page there is a post by a Dr. Rubinstein that takes evolution to task using a selection of arguments from the antievolutionist ensemble of arguments. There have been a number of, ahem, abrupt disagreements with Rubinstein posted on that blog. A Dr. Olley (who I unfortunately referred to as… Read More »

Save the Filibuster

It doesn’t have the catchiness of “Save the Whales”, but it is still important. Our Senate leadership is looking to change the rules on filibusters of judicial appointments. I’ve signed an online petition aimed at convincing enough senators to oppose the “nuclear option” that we preserve the filibuster as a means of empowering the minority… Read More »

Things Cooking Along…

As far as my recovery is going, things seem to be going well. I’m trying to remember to take an iron supplement daily to help boost my hemoglobin content in the blood. I’ve been getting in fairly regular walks. I still have stamina issues. That’s going to be something to work on for a long… Read More »

Falconry Reg Change Comment Period Ends 05/10!

If you have comments to make on the new falconry regs, do it by tomorrow, May 10th, 2005. See the previous post for a list of methods of filing your comment. I’d recommend fax or email if you’ve waited this long. The California Hawking Club has a set of recommended changes. Please read those over… Read More »

The Inflationary Universe of Antievolution

See Jeff Shallit’s Anatomy of a Creationist Tall Tale for the full background for this. Most of the material here is taken directly from that page. The initial event: Jeff Shallit corresponded with the Smithsonian Institution to find out about collections of designed objects of which we don’t know the functions. Kenneth Burke there told… Read More »

Censorship at PT? I Don’t Think So.

Over on Bill Dembski’s weblog, a couple of people banned for bad behavior from the Panda’s Thumb weblog were claiming that they were censored at PT, therefore Dr. Dembski could do anything that he wanted to with comments on his blog. Other than utilizing moral relativism, the two were wrong at another level, as I… Read More »

Low on Energy, but Having a Busy Day

Today I was tired, but still managed to accomplish a fair amount. I’m preparing for a talk and question and answer session to be held Friday at Stanford University. This is a small bit of information dissemination to counter several days of “intelligent design” disinformation being presented at Stanford courtesy of the Veritas Forum. My… Read More »

The Response to “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”

The media seems to be finding the antievolution movement’s propaganda without difficulty, but has more trouble locating the mainstream science responses. A particular example occurred with a CBS news item that listed the Discovery Institute’s “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”. There is a perfectly good response to this specific piece of propaganda at… Read More »