Monthly Archives: July 2011

Casey Luskin Doesn’t Do It Again

Casey Luskin has an unenviable track record. Pretty much anytime Casey gets going, you can count on him to shoot himself in the foot someway, somehow. Yesterday evening’s blog post by Casey is no exception. So if Casey has done it again, why would I give the title I have? Well, because of the way… Read More »

Where Did Jesus Say to Put a Nail in the Tire?

Two vehicles in a Bartram Hall (Zoology department building) parking area at the University of Florida were vandalized, apparently because they displayed “Darwin fish” on them. Besides messing up the Darwin fish, the vandal(s) put nails into tires. Hat tip to Prof. Betty Smocovitis, whose hand appears in the linked video. Please follow and like… Read More »

Good Reason: A Ouija Board?

There’s an essay by Randal Rauser at “Christian Post” offering what’s termed a rebuttal to a criticism of an earlier essay. Rauser seems to be a run-of-the-mill “intelligent design” creationism (IDC) cheerleader. Rauser defends Dembski’s ideas early on. Joseph H. Axell posted a long rebuttal in the comment section of my article “Unintelligent arguments against… Read More »

The Watson Flap

There’s a row going on about continuing sexism within the skeptical community. Rebecca Watson, a speaker at an international skeptical conference, was propositioned by a male attendee… in an elevator… at 4 in the morning. She turned him down, and later used the incident in calling for better behavior out of the male skeptical community.… Read More »