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The Pope and Antievolution

The Discovery Institute Fellows are salivating over word about the upcoming confab the Pope is having: Last week, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Austria revealed that evolution and creation had been chosen as the subjects for this year’s meeting of the Pope’s Schulerkreis – a group consisting mainly of his former doctoral students that has been… Read More »

DOL Departing UD?

Denyse O’Leary, official co-blogger at Dembski’s “Uncommon Descent”, seems to have had a posting hiatus. Her last post on UD is dated the 20th of August. This is prompting comment that perhaps Denyse, religious commentator, will be officially parting ways with UD shortly. Maybe so, maybe not; certainly a week’s posting break would be consistent… Read More »

Takedown of Wells’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design” In Progress

Over on the Panda’s Thumb, the PT Bar Crew is taking down Jonathan Wells’s new propaganda publication, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. Reed Cartwright led off with an introduction, which will add a table of contents linking to each of the chapter critiques as they are posted to PT. Burt Humburg… Read More »

Expert Witnessing: Daubert and Behe

In looking at other stuff online related to expert witness rules, I came across a page by Patrick Malone that offers advice to lawyers on the selection and retention of an expert witness coming under Daubert scrutiny. Daubert v. Merrell Dow resulted in a set of rules for courts to act as “gatekeepers” to expert… Read More »

Fraptorday Is Here: Weekly Raptor

A view you don’t want — if you happen to be a prey item. For me, I use a backpack frame as a perch for Rusty, our 15 year-old female Harris’s hawk, so I see this sort of thing a lot.

Cutting and Pasting All Over Again

Carl Zimmer has a post up about the tremendous similarity between antievolution opinion pieces published recently by Jack Kemp and Phyllis Schlafly. It is a nice catch. (There may be a possibility that some publisher mixed up bylines. I’ll post an update if that is the case here.) However, in antievolution this sort of thing… Read More »

A Short Outing

This past Sunday, Diane and I made short outing with Rusty and Farli on the way to see Ritka at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. We saw exactly one prey item, briefly… Rusty wasn’t interested, and Farli was way ahead of us.

Cooper’s Confusion

Seth Cooper is upset. Apparently unsatisfied with his attempt to smear the Dover, PA school board that replaced the “intelligent design” advocates whose ill-considered policy cost the district \$1M by blaming the replacements rather than those responsible, Cooper has another screed up to try to claim somebody, anybody, else may be guilty of something or… Read More »

Pictures in Print

Today, Glenn Branch came into the office with a batch of the latest Reports of the National Center for Science Education, hot off the presses. I have a cover… three of my pictures from the Kitzmiller v. DASD case last year. There’s another half dozen or so used inside as well. Oh, I do also… Read More »

More About Ritka…

Diane now has several days worth of entries up about Ritka’s condition at Baywing. Have a look.

Upgrades Break Things

Back when I worked at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory, we worked on a software project hosted on DEC Ultrix workstations. We were in the midst of designing a second version of a map database application when a DEC representative working on a problem with a workstation noticed that we were running Ultrix 4.0. “You should… Read More »

Weekly Raptor for 2006/08/19

I’ve been urged to have some sort of weekly feature here. OK, I can take a hint. I don’t know that I’m regular enough to have a “Friday X” type thing, so I’ll just call it the “Weekly Raptor”. Maybe it will happen on Fridays, but it might be Saturday, Sunday, or even Monday, depending… Read More »

Ritka Update

Ritka, our 2 year old Vizsla pointer, is stable but still very ill. Before picture: After picture: On Thursday, our vets in Concord decided that some procedures they thought Ritka needed for support were not available at their facility, but were part of what the clinic at UC Davis could do. They called and arranged… Read More »

Ritka in Trouble

Our young Vizsla, Ritka, went out for a run on Tuesday. Diane was near Sacramento, and stopped at a wildlife area, intending to take a half-hour walk with Ritka. Ritka, though, scented jackrabbits and was off. Because of the high grass, she effectively disappeared. Diane could not find her for a couple of hours. When… Read More »

Bacteria can help predict ocean change

Bacteria can help predict ocean change This study found that particular marine bacteria have well-defined niches, like many metazoan species. This means for for many bacteria, the presence or absence of them can indicate changes in the environment. The idea of monitoring species to provide some idea of the health of an ecosystem has been… Read More »

Behe Called on His Bluff

Over on Uncommon Descent, “BarryA” expresses his disappointment in Judge Jones. Specifically, “BarryA” thinks that Michael Behe got a raw deal during the Kitzmiller v. DASD trial last year when the topic of the immune system came up. Jones, according to “BarryA”, should not have permitted the plaintiffs’ attorneys to present the stack of papers… Read More »

A Note to Glenn Shrom

Glenn Shrom is hawking a book of his. He notes with apparent approval a statement by Art Chadwick and Robert DeHaan that would give credence to the claim that “intelligent design” can be or is a part of science. Then he notes with apparent disapproval that Creationism’s Trojan Horse by Barbara Forrest and Paul R.… Read More »

A Virus, I Think

I’ve been under the weather, which accounts for the paucity of posts here. Yes, I know, I was really under the weather when I started this weblog. In any case, I started feeling some scratchiness in my throat last week. I started taking some zinc lozenges, which seemed to help with the symptoms at least.… Read More »