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Another Useless Rating

Mingle2 – Online Dating This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words: * death (5x) * dead (3x) * pain (1x) The “death” and “dead” references come mostly from the imported LA Times Science Files summaries I have up. The “pain” reference occurs in my post about my medical condition and… Read More »

Jo Hovind Sentenced

Jo Hovind, antievolutionist Kent Hovind’s wife and co-defendant in a tax evasion case, was sentenced today to one year and one day in federal prison, to be followed by three years of supervision. Various comments at the Pensacola News Journal express a wish that both Kent and Jo Hovind share the same sentence. That didn’t… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/29

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. GENETICS DNA team transforms one bacterium into another Biologists have converted one species of bacterium into another by replacing all of its DNA, a critical step toward their ultimate goal of designing entire organisms from scratch, according to a study published Thursday. The transplanted DNA… Read More »

Yecke in Her Own Words

There has been controversy over a particular quote of Cheri Pierson Yecke. The Princeton Union-Eagle reported on October 9th, 2003 that Yecke had said local schools districts could teach “intelligent design”. I copied that quote in a post here on August 30, 2005. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from ReputationDefenders on… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/28

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. MEDICINE Birth defect-antidepressant link found Infants born to women taking commonly prescribed antidepressants during the first trimester of their pregnancies have an increased risk of serious birth defects, though the danger remains tiny, according to two studies published today. By Denise Gellene, Times Staff Writer.… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/27

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. EGYPTOLOGY Unraveling a mummy from inside out Egyptian archeologists say they have definitively identified the mummy of Hatshepsut, the only woman to rule ancient Egypt while the kingdom was at the height of its wealth and power. By Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff Writer.… Read More »

Augustine’s Ghost

David Heddle has a post ripping into the goings-on at William Dembski’s “Uncommon Descent” weblog. Uncommon Descent is again proving to be a major embarrassment. Or, more accurately, it has not yet ceased its never ending pursuit of making a fool of itself. The state of affairs is so bad that I really don’t know… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/26

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CALIF. – Some fires race across grasslands and others burn miles to treetop. The blaze that has destroyed so much so quickly near Lake Tahoe is the latter, the kind known as a “crown fire” to those who struggle to fight them,… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/25

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. VACCINE COURT High-stakes trial weighs autism claims WASHINGTON – The case of Cedillo vs. Secretary of Health and Human Services is the culmination of one of the most wrenching episodes of modern public health. For more than a decade, thousands of families of autistic children… Read More »

Flowers, Moths, and History of Science

The 7 June issue of Nature has a pretty cool article by Justen B. Whittall and Scott A. Hodges, “Pollinator shifts drive increasingly long nectar spurs in columbine flowers” (pp.706-709). They take up the famous example of the prediction by Charles Darwin that the long nectar spur in Angraecum sesquipedale indicated the existence of a… Read More »

A Prime Anniversary

Diane and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary yesterday. Well, “celebrated” may be a bit presumptious a word, but we did at least spend the day in each other’s company. For most of the day, we were at the AKC agility trial being hosted by the Kalamazoo Kennel Club. We ran Ritka in two novice classes… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

This week, the picture shows Rusty on her way to try to catch something she has spotted. The way she flies is noticeably different when she thinks she is chasing something from when she is just heading to a new perch. Nikon D2Xs, Nikkor AFS VR 70-200mm f/2.8, ISO 800. Please follow and like us:

Visit to the Creation Museum, Part 1

As I mentioned before, various folks associated with the Panda’s Thumb and Scienceblogs showed up on the doorstep of the Answers in Genesis “Creation Museum” yesterday to take the tour. Here’s the imposing facade. Mind you, this concave surface of glass is oriented to the south, which means that in the summertime the heat out… Read More »

June 17th, Past and Present

Today, a batch of science bloggers visited the Answers in Genesis “Creation Museum” in Petersburg, Kentucky, to see for ourselves what $27 million buys you these days. That much cash can buy you state-of-the-art presentation facilities and machinery, but it apparently is not sufficient to buy a clue. I will have to compare notes to… Read More »

Pharmacies, Algebra, and Budgets

It’s been a while since I discussed what’s up with my medical condition. That’s actually been good news. I’ve been doing pretty well, with a good deal less pain than when I still had my colon. But because I no longer have that large intestine, there are some things that become a matter of maintenance… Read More »

Research into Minnesota Standards Stuff

I’m interested in obtaining a copy of the advance publicity issued by the Minnesota State Department of Education for the commisioner’s hearing held September 30th, 2003 in Princeton, Minnesota. There is an issue concerning what actually is or is not included within that material, and it is relevant to the future of antievolution in Florida.… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/13

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. OBITUARIES Don Herbert, 89; TV’s ‘Mr. Wizard’ taught science to young baby boomers WASHINGTON – Don Herbert, who explained the wonderful world of science to millions of young baby boomers on television in the 1950s and ’60s as “Mr. Wizard” and did the same for… Read More »

LA Times Science Files for 2007/06/12

These are items compiled by staff of the LA Times. ENERGY CONSERVATION Climate looks ripe for fuel-economy bills WASHINGTON – Tougher fuel-economy rules, blocked for years by Detroit automakers, now stand their best chance of clearing Congress amid heightened concern about gas prices and global warming. By Richard Simon, Times Staff Writer. SPACE After delay,… Read More »