Monthly Archives: February 2010

Pics of Our New (Old) Home

Yesterday, we got busy with the fixing-up of the fixer-upper in Palmetto. While Sam worked on the electrical panel, I made a photographic record of the state of the house. We plan to ask Manatee County for a re-appraisal as the house is currently not ready for occupancy. So I have about 3.5 GB of… Read More »

Home, Sweet Home: Florida

We looked at a property last September that stood out as a candidate for a home purchase. It had a house on 7 acres of land, and we could afford the asking price… barely. Now that might be ringing all sorts of bells, and to be sure there is a laundry list of issues to… Read More »

Rob Crowther, Again

Rob Crowther’s latest post over at the DI’s propaganda page is quite short. Darwin was wrong. Missing links still missing. There is no such thing as junk DNA. Birds did not descend from Dinosaurs. Irreducible complexity is still irreducibly complex. Tiktaalik has been invalidated by an earlier ancestor. Haeckels embryo drawings are still fake (and… Read More »

Luskin on Information: Part 0

Casey Luskin has decided to treat us to an agony in eight fits, wherein he will whine mightily concerning “information”. I don’t know how many of those I’ll be taking note of, but I might as well have a look at the first one. It does not augur well for the series. Luskin leads with… Read More »

Refreshing Data Storage

I have data on Compact Disks (CDs) from past projects. The technology was getting toward being affordable around 1996. CD writers dropped under $100 for the first time somewhere around there, and media started selling for less than $5 a disk. The amount of storage space on a CD was comparable to the size of… Read More »

“Signature in the Cell” Tampa: Part 3

Throughout the evening, Stephen Meyer kept repeating that we only know of “specified information” occurring because of an intelligent agent acting. Then, because we only know one cause in the present for “specified information”, we should accept that as the cause of “specified information” in the past. Besides the philosophical problems with rarefied design inferences,… Read More »

“Signature in the Cell” Tampa: Part 2

Michael Medved dismissed accusations that the IDC movement was disguised religion as a “big lie”. Elsewhere in his remarks, he claimed that the vociferousness of the attacks on IDC were because of belief. IDC advocates, Medved claimed, would have no change in their faith if “Darwinian evolution” were proved correct (to the satisfaction of their… Read More »