Monthly Archives: October 2012

False Balance in Fact Check

The Chicago Tribune Fact Check on the debates goes for that false balance thing in the headline: “FACT CHECK: Romney flubs geography, Obama goofs on rival’s record, in final debate” Mitt Romney, candidate for Commander-in-Chief, who not long ago identified Iran as a tippy-top threat to the security of the USA, has no clue about… Read More »

Population Modeling in Python

One of the courses I enjoyed most in my Ph.D. program was taught by Prof. Kirk Winemiller on population dynamics. There are various collections of models in various languages out there, and multi-model population dynamic applications. But I still think that there is some utility to rolling my own. Since 2009, I’ve gotten more into… Read More »

Anatomy of a Spam Comment

The new spam module for WordPress is not as aggressive in marking spam messages as its previous version. So I get to go through and mark a variety of things that are pretty obviously spam as spam. Well, today a spammer’s script misfired and sent his template for a comment rather than a processed spam… Read More »