Monthly Archives: April 2005

‘Ware Walpurgis Night

As I write this post, midnight approaches the east coast of the US. This would be an excellent time to reacquaint yourself with the horror writings of H.P. Lovecraft, whose various short stories and novellas often invoked the occult symbology of Walpurgis Night. Like the more widely known All Hallows Eve (Halloween or Samhain), this… Read More »

Live CDs Collected

Skip Evans sent me a link for a page that presents a long list of LiveCDs — CD-ROMs that your computer can boot from (if your computer can boot from CD-ROM, a fairly common capability for machine manufactured from the mid-1990s onward). There are venerable LiveCDs, including Knoppix that boots a Debian Linux OS, and… Read More »

Dr. Eugenie Scott on “Hardball”

Dr. Eugenie Scott appeared on the MSNBC interview show “Hardball” on April 21st. There is a transcript available here. Along with host Chris Matthews, there was Reverend Terry Fox on the program. The topic was the push in Kansas to change public school science standards. The transcript shows that the whole segment was just over… Read More »

Noise in Oceans Concerns Scientists

A report in Foster’s Online, “Oceans getting louder, but effects still unclear” notes rising levels of human-made noise in the oceans. Chris Clark at Cornell University is quoted, “Their world is just being collapsed,” Clark said. “They rely so heavily on sound. They can’t see anything.” The article also notes the likely reaction of businesses… Read More »

It’s the Economy…

Some time ago, I noted the poor economic prospects that await us if we neglect good science education or allow pseudo-science to be established as if it were science. In a New York Times op-ed piece, “Bush Disarms, Unilaterally”, Thomas L. Friedman makes a similar point. Friedman notes that the Bush administration has made essentially… Read More »

An Anniversary

About this time of morning one year ago, my surgeon was telling me that I needed emergency surgery for a ruptured colon. There were some dark times there, and pain enough to accompany them. But Diane remained my steadfast companion and support, there to send me off to surgery and there to help me when… Read More »

A Week Flies By

This past week just kind of slid right by me. I’m feeling mostly OK, with occasional twinges and sometimes a not-so-good reaction to a particular meal. Work is keeping me quite busy. With that and the critter maintenance that Diane normally handles being my responsibility while she is off collecting data, there just isn’t a… Read More »