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Behe the Expert Again

“Intelligent design” creationism advocate Michael J. Behe is once again an expert witness in a court case, this time appearing on behalf of Wendell Bird’s side in ACSI v Stearns. So far, there are two documents available detailing his participation, his expert report, and his deposition by opposing counsel. I haven’t had a look yet;… Read More »

Lunar Eclipse

I’ve just come inside from watching the lunar eclipse. It was approaching totality as my sightline dropped below the treeline. I did have the telescope and camera out, but I don’t know yet whether I’ve got anything usable. I’ll put something up later if so. Those night owls or early risers in the western USA,… Read More »

Shooting the Moon

Back when I was, oh, about ten years old, my parents got me a telescope for Christmas. It was a 60mm Tasco refractor with a zooming eyepiece and a tripod with one of those U-mounts for the telescope itself. This was fine for my astronomical endeavors at the time, checking out the moon, seeing (barely)… Read More »

Open Letter from Peter Irons to Stuart Pivar

I received a copy of an open letter from Peter Irons to Stuart Pivar concerning the Pivar v. SMG and Myers defamation lawsuit. It sounds like Pivar has opened himself up to significant liability by pursuing the lawsuit. Dear Mr. Pivar: I don’t know if this is a current email address for you; I obtained… Read More »


Over at Seed Media’s Scienceblogs, PZ Myers of the immensely popular Pharyngula weblog has been named as a defendant with Seed Media in a libel lawsuit brought by Stuart Pivar, a New York art collector and author. Pivar wrote books stating his ideas about biological development; Myers, a developmental biologist, wrote scathing reviews of those… Read More »

Whale beached in Galveston fighting to stay alive

Whale beached in Galveston fighting to stay alive | – Houston Chronicle The Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network has a live stranding once again, this time a dwarf sperm whale calf. Both the mother and calf came ashore as a tropical storm hit Galveston on Saturday, but the mother died. Diane and I did… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Here’s a falcon on a block perch in the weathering yard at the 2001 California Hawking Club meet in Bakersfield. Canon Pro 90 IS camera used here. This was one of the second generation super-zoom compact digital cameras, featuring image stabilization and 2.6 megapixels. Contrast touched up in Corel PhotoPaint.

Upgrade Woes

The server software is being upgraded, and my weblog doesn’t like it. Photopress is the most notable casualty among the plugins. Since most of the photos I’ve posted here have been entered via Photopress, that means most of the photos now have silently disappeared. I’ll be working on this, but a few other things still… Read More »

Backyard Wildlife; 2007/08/15

While Diane is visiting her parents in Florida, I’m taking care of the various critters. After I finished the rounds this evening, I took a walk down to the pond. The day has been overcast, and we got some sprinkled rain earlier. Down where we had sand put in next to the dock, I could… Read More »

Atomic Theory of Antievolution

I’m going to describe an atomic theory of antievolution. Antievolution, I assert, is comprised of a large number of elemental arguments. The set of arguments can be arranged and deployed in a number of different ways, just as chemical compounds can be described in terms of atomic constituents. In the beginning, there was naive creationism.… Read More »

Backyard Wildlife

Here’s another view of the mantis from a couple of weeks ago: And here is a picture taken yesterday down at the pond: I briefly saw the ducks, too; a group of about eight ducks flew off as soon as I approached the pond. The geese hung around until Diane and Ritka arrived, then decided… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Shelby comes to the glove. Notice that his feet have not quite made contact. Also, you can see from the photo that he has very long legs. It is hard to appreciate just how long a reach a Harris’s hawk has from looking at it perched somewhere. Another thing you can see is that Shelby… Read More »

Behe on Colbert

Michael Behe made an appearance on the “Colbert Report” last night. There’s a handy YouTube video for those who weren’t able to tune in. Once you’ve seen that, go have a look at Abbie Smith’s ripping of mistakes Behe made in his book pontificating about HIV evolution.

Humane Societies… Telling the Real Ones from the Fakes

It’s pretty easy, actually. Real humane societies and shelters are affiliated with animal welfare organizations, like the 130-year-old American Humane Association, whose mission statement reads: Mission The mission of the American Humane Association, as a network of individuals and organizations, is to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children and animals and to assure… Read More »

An Anti-Falconry Rant … from the Right-Wing?

Over on “Men’s News Daily”, the “Nobody’s Opinion” column goes on and on interminably about how falconry is practiced by the rich and “environmental nut” control freaks. It takes a while to find what has set off this guy, but eventually he gets around to it: Bobby Kennedy I was reading today…absolutely loves this sport.… Read More »