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Birders Practice Falconry Without a License in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune reports on the case of birders practicing falconry without a license. The species—a burrowing owl and a Brant goose—were spotted about 9 a.m. Wednesday within 100 feet of each other in the wooded natural area. Within hours, however, the burrowing owl had been torn apart by a hungry Cooper’s hawk in front… Read More »

Crowther Doing What the DI Pays Him For

Rob Crowther, Discovery Institute spokesperson, has an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun. Intelligent Design goes beyond biology and encompasses physics, chemistry and cosmology, as well. It is not creationism, nor was it developed to get around court rulings. Intelligent design is the Logos theology expressed in the idiom of information theory, or so asserts Dr.… Read More »

Texas: ICR is Disappointed, Again

The Institute for Creation Research is continuing to press to get their pseudoscience degree-granting operation set up for business in Texas. They’ve run into a stumbling-block: the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board wants degrees granted with their approval to actually be based on science. This message went out from the ICR today: OCTOBER 30, 2008… Read More »

Texas: “Zombie Jamboree in Texas”

Glenn Branch, Deputy Director of the National Center for Science Education, has a blog post in the Beacon Broadside, “Zombie Jamboree in Texas“. When the distinguished philosopher Philip Kitcher recently addressed the creationist movement in his Living With Darwin, he judiciously assessed creationism in its latest incarnation as historically respectable but currently bankrupt, and proposed… Read More »

The SF Chronicle Interviews Lauri Lebo

The San Francisco Chronicle has an interview online with Lauri Lebo, journalist and author of The Devil in Dover. One small town school board’s attempt to introduce religion and cast doubt on evolution is the subject of a new book by Lauri Lebo, who joins Chronicle education reporter Nanette Asimov in this podcast interview. Please… Read More »

Texas: Getting Involved

I got a call today from a friend in Texas who until recently was a high school science and math teacher. She had just read an article in Texas Monthly about the State Board of Education, its lopsided composition and “intelligent design” advocate chairman, and was hopping mad about it. I asked her if she… Read More »

Say Good-Bye to Sage Grouse

The campaign to eradicate sage grouse continues. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Nevada Gov. Gibbons and his comments on possible listing of sage grouse as endangered: Gibbons said it’s important to protect the sage grouse, but it shouldn’t be listed as endangered because that could make it “virtually impossible to develop renewable energy in… Read More »

Dembski and Marks Are Still Mischaracterizing Dawkins’ “Weasel”

William Dembski has a post up at Uncommon Descent that brings us up-to-date, somewhat, with what Dembski and Bob Marks have been doing. From that, Dembski says that one of the paper manuscripts he and Marks collaborated upon has been accepted by a computational intelligence journal. So much the worse for the rep of that… Read More »

Texas: IDC Event in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s categorization of the following short piece is spot-on, being part of Religion Briefs. Sessions slated on intelligent design FORT WORTH — The Great Debate: Intelligent Design and The Existence of God, a program featuring four scholars, will be Nov. 7-8 at two Fort Worth locations. The question “How did we get… Read More »

Information Increase in Evolution

I was looking up stuff on bacterial DNT degradation, and ran across a post by Joel Tay on antievolutionist criticisms based on “information”. It included an airy dismissal of an essay I had written back in 1999. Wesley Elsberry writes in the second article: When one takes the example of a tetraploid orchid and looks… Read More »

Science Education Gets Noticed by the NYT

The New York Times has an article about the slipping technology lead of the USA and the presidential candidate’s plans to bolster innovation here. It’s about time. Antievolution gets a brief mention. Mr. Obama embraces the theory of evolution and argues that the teaching of intelligent design and other creationist ideas “cloud” a student’s understanding… Read More »

Texas: The Science Textbook Review Panel

[Correction: the panel in question is a science curriculum review panel.] Six people were appointed. An earlier post took up the two obvious ringers affiliated with the Discovery Institute, Stephen Meyer and Ralph Seelke. I emailed Kate Alexander, who wrote the American-Statesman post on that topic, and asked for the other names, which she provided.… Read More »

Texas: Discovery Institute Scores Two

Discovery Institute Vice President Stephen Meyer and co-author Ralph Seelke were appointed to a six-member textbook review panel by the Texas State Board of Education. The Texas Freedom Network criticized the appointment of the textbook authors, Stephen Meyer, vice president of the Discovery Institute, and Ralph Seelke, a biology and earth sciences professor from the… Read More »