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Photography practice and techniques

Nikon’s New Df Camera

A few hours ago, Nikon announced a new full-frame high-end DSLR, the Nikon Df. There was a lot of buzz and speculation about this camera. There are a lot of reactions to the feature set Nikon came up with. The Df is a D4-lite camera. That’s important to keep in mind. It uses the same… Read More »

My Second E. Leitz Optical Instrument

I recently was able to pick up a ~1956 vintage E. Leitz tabletop microscope off eBay for cheap. It has two objectives (10x and 40x) and an A-O 10x eyepiece. It was missing the light source and a stage slide holder. I already had a microscope T-mount adapter, and my Olympus E-PL1 looks to be… Read More »

Canon Loyalty Program 2011/02/22

I have owned several Canon digital cameras in the point-and-shoot through prosumer range. Something Canon has offered for a long time is the Canon Loyalty Program. This allows one to obtain a refurbished Canon digital camera at a discounted price when one trades in a Canon digital camera. Unfortunately, I’ve never had much luck finding… Read More »

UF Gators v. USF Bulls (2010/09/11)

I took some more photos from the stands during the game this past weekend. This time I used the Nikon D2Xs and my Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens. What the lens lacks in the reach of the 70-300mm f/4-5.6 G lens I used last week it makes up for in resolution. Unfortunately, it is physically… Read More »

Gators v. RedHawks (2010/09/04)

My dad, sister, brother-in-law, and I went to the University of Florida Gators versus University of Miami (Ohio) RedHawks game last Saturday. I carried along a Fujifilm J10 point-and-shoot camera and my Nikon D2Xs with a Nikkor 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 G lens to take some photos. We got there a bit early to try to find… Read More »

Digicam Video

Word was that the “House” finale that aired this past Monday was shot on a DSLR with 1080p HD video. When the shots had deep-focus, all looked well. However, whenever there were large regions of darker bokeh, it was obvious that there was some pretty serious quantization going on. I’m not sure what needs adjustment… Read More »

Banner Change

I retired my banner that I put together in my hospital bed in 2004 and have set up a set of new banners that get picked randomly with page requests. The original aspect ratio was just too long at 8.84:1, so I shifted it to 8.84:2. GIMP provides a selection tool for a fixed aspect… Read More »

Sirenian International Goes Sociable

Sirenian International, a manatee conservation and public outreach organization, now has a Facebook group. SI also has a field course in Belize that one can sign up for: Ecology, Behavior & Conservation of Manatees & Dolphins A Unique Field Course in the Drowned Cayes, Belize Host: Caryn Self-Sullivan Type: Education – Class Network: Global Start… Read More »

Minimal Protection for Images

I’ve already had at least one image of mine pirated for derivative work sold on CafePress. I like sharing my photography with others, but I’d also like to get my fair share when it comes to profits made from my work. Something that isn’t a whole lot of work turns out to be adding a… Read More »

Sunday’s Outing

It’s been a rough fall. Sunday marked our first serious falconry outing of the season. Between colds for Diane and I, extra work and various other complications, things only came together this past Sunday. We had made a couple of brief outings to a nearby nursery where there are lots of rabbits, but also loads… Read More »

Social Networking

I have signed up on a number of social networking sites. I don’t know that I’ve gotten the hang of using those to actually expand my networks there, so I thought I’d hang out the links here to encourage folks using those sites to actually make that connection. My FaceBook profile. FaceBook is a social… Read More »

Nikon and DIY

Back in college, I used to take long exposures of things at night. Using my trusty Nikon F2, I could manage this two ways. There was a “T” setting on the shutter dial; if I set that and clicked the shutter release, the camera would open up and stay that way until the shutter dial… Read More »

Georgia Aquarium

Here’s photos from the trip that I, Laura, and PZ took to the Georgia Aquarium back on July 15th. They had some really nicely done displays, but the thing that sets them apart is their 6.3 mega-gallon tank and the four whale sharks they keep in it.

Equipment Malfunction

I’ve had two items malfunction on me recently. I have a Canon S2 IS camera, and was surprised to be presented with a black screen upon powerup. So far, this happens intermittently, but the discussion available via search indicates that soon it will only show a black screen and record completely black images. The problem… Read More »

US Air Force Museum

A few panoramic collages from our visit last week to the US AIr Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio… A wind tunnel from the early 1900s takes center place amidst a balloon and WWI Fokker triplane. There is a hangar inside Wright-Patterson devoted to experimental military aircraft. The same side of the hangar… Read More »