Monthly Archives: August 2004

“Funky Winkerbean” and “Intelligent Design”

This “Funky Winkerbean” strip brings up one aspect of politically-defined science curriculum content: science classes may end up teaching popular science fiction. See also the comments on this at the Panda’s Thumb. Please follow and like us:

“Altruistic Punishment”

Science has a paper by de Quervain et al. on “altruistic punishment”, the irrational behavior of seeking to punish those who transgress societal “rules” where there is no benefit for the punisher. The researchers found that when a subject both felt an urge to “punish” and could do so effectively, both the caudate nucleus and… Read More »

Open Source Vector Drawing Applications

There are a few applications that tie me to having a MicroSoft Windows workstation. One of those is Corel Draw, the vector drawing application. I may be tied down for a while yet, but open source vector drawing applications are starting to appear. Two that I’ve seen are “Sodipodi” and “Inkscape”. Of the two, Inkscape… Read More »

Those Little Details…

I’m working on a draft of a paper that will report more findings from the dataset that was collected with Ted Cranford in 1999. We took acoustic data on biosonar trials while also collecting pressure data from the bony nares (and sometimes video data via endoscopes). We’ve already got drafts of papers that report on… Read More »