Monthly Archives: May 2010

Digicam Video

Word was that the “House” finale that aired this past Monday was shot on a DSLR with 1080p HD video. When the shots had deep-focus, all looked well. However, whenever there were large regions of darker bokeh, it was obvious that there was some pretty serious quantization going on. I’m not sure what needs adjustment… Read More »

Trying to Find a Market

Following up on a comment from Dick Hoppe, I expanded upon the data compilation I wrote about earlier concerning the Manatee County 2010 Tax Certificate Auction. Now I’m pulling in data from three additional pages and have it all tidily summarized in the resulting comma-delimited CSV file. I made a short demo CSV file with… Read More »

Beautiful Soup and Tax Certificates

Manatee County offers tax certificates to bidders. When property owners fail to pay their taxes, and that is happening a lot right now, the county gets other people to pay the taxes and gives them a tax certificate, which is a lien against the property. Each year, an auction happens where people can bid to… Read More »

Comment on Swank Antievolution

I left a comment to the opinion letter of a Greg Swank, M.D.. Dr. Swank gave a Gish Gallop and finished up with argument from authority. My background is in the medical field and I find it interesting that from a science background I am defending Intelligent Design as a scientific probability, while Rev. Ward… Read More »