Monthly Archives: November 2005

Nature for 2005/11/17

I’m part of a reader survey for the journal Nature, so I have a 13 week subscription dropping into my lap. Therefore, y’all get to hear my comments on these issues, as and where I get time to do so. First up is the 2005/11/17 edition (Vol. 438, No. 17). Nature has pages that briefly… Read More »

Harry Potter Movie

Diane and I went out to see the late showing of the new Harry Potter movie Friday night. We had to figure out where the theater was while we were cutting the show time closely. I sent Diane ahead while I found a parking space, but all turned out well and I made it in… Read More »

Vizslas, Then Off to Pennsylvania

On Oct. 28th, Diane, Ritka, Farli and I went to the 2005 Vizsla Nationals Field Trials held out in the high desert to the west of Bakersfield. One of the people that we met was Scott Braley, who was providing the photographic services for the field trial. It turns out he’s a resident of Oakland,… Read More »

Reading Matter for Scott Adams

To me, the most fascinating aspect of the debate over Darwinism versus Intelligent Design is that neither side understands the other side’s argument. Better yet, no one seems to understand their own side’s argument. But that doesn’t stop anyone from having a passionate opinion. (Dilbert Blog) Hey, Scott, while you are boning up on the… Read More »


I took the test over at Blogthings, and it says … You Are a Little Scary You’ve got a nice edge to you. Use it. How Scary Are You?