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I see from the news that our armed forces have had another bad encounter with dead combatants, this latest kerfluffle stemming from photos taken as military forces pose with blown-up suicide bombers. We end up with another round of apologies, the folks who are supposed to be our allies moving closer to our declared enemies, and more discontented members of the populace ready to be recruited by the opposition.

It seems that trying to explain why these kinds of stunts aren’t good just isn’t getting through to the troops on the ground. They are in a rough place trying to get the job done. It’s little wonder that a need to celebrate being alive when people who tried to kill you are dead results in, sometimes, these macabre recorded expressions.

But I have a possible meme to spread that might resonate with our troops.

We can’t use the “WWJD?” (What Would Jesus Do?) meme. Jesus would be at least a conscientious objector, if not a protester of war anywhere.

But we could use a “WWJBD?” (What Would James Bond Do?) meme. James Bond would totally get behind effective lethal takedowns of the enemy, even ones with a certain gross-out factor. Effective, professional accomplishment of the mission is completely within “WWJBD?” territory.

On the other hand, James Bond would not get behind unnecessary collateral damage. Would James Bond pose himself with dead body parts, smile, and upload the photo to Facebook? Not at all. Would James Bond pose with dubious iconography and send out a press release? Hardly. Would James Bond collect together a few bodies, set up the camera, and take photos while having a whizz on the bodies? Unthinkable.

Can we recruit the idea and image of James Bond for a more consistently professional American fighting force? I think it’s worth a try at this point. Hopefully the Ian Fleming estate would agree.

Florida: Idiots Driving

Here’s another way the acronym “ID” could be instantiated: idiots driving. I commute to work, and yesterday morning I was on I-275 northbound coming into St. Petersburg. I was in the right-hand lane, and a Honda Odyssey was in the left-hand lane. We were traveling at just about the same speed, and had been for a while. There was no traffic ahead of us for another quarter-mile or so.

The Honda was maybe five feet further ahead than we were as we approached 54th Ave. South. Suddenly, the Honda starting coming over to the right. As it crossed the line marking the lanes, I honked, expecting the driver to correct course and return fully to their lane. It kept coming right. I kept the horn going, but veered right and braked, too, to avoid a collision. It’s just as well, because the Honda driver apparently didn’t change their plan at all and simply completed their lane change. If I hadn’t been paying attention, we’d have had a two-vehicle mashup at 65 MPH on the interstate.

Diane was able to get a couple of photos just afterward. Here’s the back-end and license plate of the vehicle I saved from a high-speed crash:

And here’s one of the driver and passenger we prevented from coming to serious harm and injury: