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Expelled: Texas Education Agency Fires Staffer for Announcing Talk by Barbara Forrest

State science curriculum director resigns Chris Comer is out of a job. She was a nine-year veteran in the position of director of science curriculum for the Texas Education Agency (Texas-speak for the state’s “department of education”). The TEA administration essentially forced her resignation. So, why would TEA do that? Comer forwarded an email from… Read More »

Flunked: Guillermo Gonzales and DI Promise More Martyrdom

Backers battle ISU professor’s tenure denial | | The Des Moines Register The Discovery Institute says that they have proof that Iowa State University’s denial of tenure of Guillermo Gonzales did involve consideration of his advocacy of “intelligent design” creationism. They promise to press on with appeals, perhaps even starting a lawsuit. I wonder… Read More »

Getting the Help the Discovery Institute Deserves

Recently, the Discovery Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture announced a new Senior Fellow, radio talk show host Michael Medved. Chapman saluted Medved as the national radio hostmake that media hostwho is best able to understand science issues, including the current conflict over Darwinism and intelligent design. Hes very smart, quick and… Read More »

Handy Tool for “Ooops”

I heard about DesktopBSD from Skip Evans. This is a configuration of FreeBSD that provides support for automatic detection of hardware, especially that needed to get X11 working properly. It uses KDE as its window manager, and much of the work done integrates KDE with services of FreeBSD. This sounded interesting to me, since I’m… Read More »

“Spiky Issue Solved for Hamish the Hedgehog” News – Scotland – Spiky issue solved for Hamish the hedgehog The fluffy, feel-good news story relates how a rail company in Scotland responded to a resident’s request to take into account access past the rail line for a hedgehog when performing maintenance on a wall. The company responded with a hedgehog-sized throughway in… Read More »

Antievolution Humor?

Commenter “FtK” at the YoungCosmos YEC cheerleader weblog expands a bit on an opening post that wonders whether commenters at “After the Bar Closes” might choose to neuter themselves. Oh, and as for neutering the ATBC boyshey, Im all for it. So, going from musing about reproductive choices among critics to espousing some active program… Read More »

Thanksgiving in Michigan

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and we’ve received our first white day of the fall/winter season. The snow is coming down at a steady clip. I’ll try to take some photos and post some later. Please follow and like us:

Behe and Astrology

Over on Ed Brayton’s “Dispatches from the Culture Wars”, Ed comments on NOVA’s attention paid to Behe saying that astrology qualifies as science under his definition of science. This is a comment I left there: At the time when astrology was of a similar status to other live theories, it wasn’t called “science”, it was… Read More »

FTE and Jon Buell’s Day in Court

Over on the Discovery Institute’s weblog, Casey Luskin writes: In 2005, a federal judge banned Pandas outright from science classrooms in Dover, Pennsylvania but only after denying FTE [Foundation for Thought and Ethics] the right to appear before the court to defend the book. Hmmm. Why does that sound odd? Maybe because the text… Read More »

The DI CRSC and Plagiarism

Antievolution morals have a definite direction, towards evil. Thus, it should come as no surprise that plagiarism should be one of the ways that they express that. ERV has the scoop on a blatant rip-off of an animation produced by Harvard University and XVIVO. ID advocates including William Dembski have been using this animation, stripped… Read More »

Marks and Dembski Acknowledge Withdrawing “Unacknowledged Costs” Paper

Robert Marks and William Dembski co-authored a paper that appeared on their “Evolutionary Informatics Laboratory” website, titled “Unacknowledged Information Costs in Evolutionary Computing: A Case Study on the Evolution of Nucleotide Binding Sites”. After bragging about how their work was going to overturn the findings of all those folks working on evolutionary computation in the… Read More »

Concerned About “Objectivity”, But Not Accuracy?

Martin Cothran whines about the NOVA “Judgment Day” program, treating us to the following: In one scene, the ACLU attorney hired by the parents who sued the Dover School District to overturn its pro-ID policy asked ID proponent Michael Behe (a scientist himself) if, under his definition, astrology counted as science. Behe said that, yes,… Read More »

“cdesign proponentsists”

I have some ideas for products with the “cdesign proponentsists” verbal transitional fossil from the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case. I will add those here as I get time to put them up on CafePress. Please follow and like us:

NOVA “Judgment Day” Airs Tonight

Your local PBS station, 8-10PM Eastern Standard Time… either you or your video recorder should make a date with “Judgment Day”, NOVA’s exploration of the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case. It features interviews with many of the people involved, and reenactments of courtroom encounters based on the transcripts. This is “must-see” TV. Update:… Read More »

JPEGs and Rotation

My Nikon D2Xs has an orientation sensor, so if I take a vertically-oriented photo, that information gets placed in the EXIF data in the JPEG file. Depending upon my viewing software, I may be presented the photo horizontally, or in the correct vertical orientation. Since I often am looking to do batch processing of all… Read More »


I was looking into information about plugin development, and happened across a reference to both the Sansa e280 MP3 player and something called RockBox. I have a Sansa e280, so I had to have a look into what the RockBox thing might be. RockBox is an alternative, free, open source firmware for several different brands… Read More »

Campbell Wins in North Mason

Kitsap Sun Reports on John Angus Campbell Win in School Board Race I guess that over the next couple of years we will get to see whether Campbell’s disclaimers concerning his being a Fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture were sincere. Good luck, voters of North Mason; you… Read More »