Life in East Lansing

Diane and I went out on the town last Friday night. There was an outdoor free concert in a plaza in East Lansing featuring “The Lost Marbles”, not to be confused with that other band of the same name in Minnesota. After all, that other band can’t claim that its keyboardist chairs the zoology department at MSU. Diane took Ritka; I took my camera.

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Also saw Betty Cheng there, who remarked that we could pretty easily get a Devolab meeting going based on the number of folks from the lab in attendance. We also know the wife of one of the band’s guitar players through the agility club here in town. We had a fine time, and finished up with an after-concert dinner with Donna and Rick from agility down at the Chipotle restaurant.

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  • 2007/07/24 at 5:45 pm

    Fred Dyer is chair of zoology and there’s a Chipotle restaurant is EL? I leave town town for just 6 years and they go and change everything? At least the Riv is still there in the picture.

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