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Our experiences with falconry and hunting hawks.

Another Hawk-Killer in Court

Why am I not surprised this jerk was a pigeon fancier? Prosecutors say Kapusta and another person are pigeon-racing enthusiasts who killed the predatory hawks because they saw them as threats to their pigeons. Please follow and like us:

Not as Simple as They Think

The editors of the Tulsa World think that Lawmakers should adopt stronger wildlife laws. That’s fair enough in light of the tragedy in Ohio where exotic predators like lions, tigers, and bears were released by a suicidal keeper. But the editorial’s structure left much to be desired, in my opinion. They do have a good… Read More »

“A Special Kind of Air Patrol”

My parents send me interesting articles from my hometown paper, the Lakeland Ledger. One of the latest of these I got was an article by Eric Pera titled, A Special Kind of Air Patrol. It is about Polk county farmers employing American Bird Abatement Service (ABAS) to keep crops like blueberries safe from depredation by… Read More »

Sunday’s Outing

It’s been a rough fall. Sunday marked our first serious falconry outing of the season. Between colds for Diane and I, extra work and various other complications, things only came together this past Sunday. We had made a couple of brief outings to a nearby nursery where there are lots of rabbits, but also loads… Read More »

Birders Practice Falconry Without a License in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune reports on the case of birders practicing falconry without a license. The speciesa burrowing owl and a Brant goosewere spotted about 9 a.m. Wednesday within 100 feet of each other in the wooded natural area. Within hours, however, the burrowing owl had been torn apart by a hungry Cooper’s hawk in front… Read More »

Loose Harris’s Hawk in the UK

An article talks about a falconer’s Harris’s hawk that got loose in the vicinity of the Lavender Pond Nature Reserve in the United Kingdom. It apparently interacted with people on the grounds of the reserve, going so far as to eat peanuts being tossed to squirrels. Why it wasn’t simply grabbing the squirrels and eating… Read More »

Welcome to the Pack, Little One

OK, there’s a new critter underfoot here. Follow the link for a “cute” overdose. But there is some method here… we’re looking for a canine substitute for a weasel or ferret, to pop down rabbit holes and flush the rabbits out where the hawks can have a chance at them. This one should be about… Read More »

Michigan: Call to Action on Falconry Bill (SB 1085)

I got the following notice from the Michigan Hawking Club: Attention Michigan Falconer Last Wed April 23rd the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Affairs Committee passed Senate Bill 1085. This bill will allow a continued take of Wild Raptors for Falconry use. It Ends the Sunset and puts the rules and regulations concerning wild take… Read More »

Michigan: Falconry Bill in the News

Falconers hawk bill to let them continue capturing raptors – Capital News Service – It looks like a bill aimed at dropping a 2009 sunset on a falconry law is getting general support. Getting rid of the sunset provision means that falconers in Michigan can continue to trap birds from the wild under provisions… Read More »

Is There Something About Golf?

CBS Sports reports that Tripp Isenhour is being charged with killing a red-shouldered hawk on a golf course. Apparently, the hawk was making noise while Isenhour was trying to perform for a video production. It took shot after shot for a while, but Isenhour finally managed to bean the hawk in the head with a… Read More »

Raptor Force

The PBS Nature series looks at the intersection between falconry and science with Raptor Force. The episode airs this evening, 8 PM ET. Hat tip to Karen Spivey. I hope to have some comments later when the program airs. Update: They had a lot of nice photography on the show, though I think that they… Read More »

Unpleasantness in Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton Weekly : Hosterman can keep her hawk I lived from late 2003 to early 2007 in Concord, California. The news story above concerns Pleasanton, a community near Concord. It seems to me to be much todo about nothing. At basis, it concerns an apprentice falconer who simply wants to have an outside mews in… Read More »

The Case of the Missing Perch

A friend of mine put her hawk in the weathering yard at the January, 2007 California Hawking Club meet. At the end of the meet, she put her bird in its traveling box, put box and bird in her vehicle, then went back to collect her ring perch. She discovered that someone else had collected… Read More »

Stolen Goshawk Found

Joy as stolen bird of prey found in bush A nice uplifting article about a goshawk who was in a vehicle when the vehicle was stolen. The thief apparently dumped the goshawk out of its travel box. The falconer put out a request for information in the local newspaper with a reward, and while there… Read More »

That Time of Year

Here’s a blog post recounting an encounter between a hawk (species unspecified), a chihuahua, and its owner. The owner managed to get the hawk to let go of the dog, though the dog sustained some severe injuries. The comments also bring out some anti-hawk sentiment. A little natural history for you folks: it’s winter now.… Read More »

Blackwood’s Linden Farli

Blackwood’s Linden Farli CD, RN, JH, OA, OAJ, TF1, ONYX, UTP3, TDI Born July 2nd, 1993 Died December 10th, 2007 Farli was our first dog, a Vizsla (or Hungarian pointer). Our female Harris’ hawk, Rusty, really enjoyed chasing, and sometimes catching, upland birds. It is hard for a human to effectively work a field to… Read More »

Weekly Raptor

These photos are from an outing on October 28th, when we headed down to the Dansville area to check out some public hunting land there. Michigan has a fairly extensive system of privately-owned, but publicly accessible land in addition to state-owned parks and wildlife areas. The first place we tried had a large field of… Read More »

Restarting Weekly Raptor

I’m hoping that things are getting back into a groove where I can put up pictures of raptors on a weekly basis again. Our birds are getting out some now. The leaves are turning color and falling here. The temperature is falling, too. I’ve been told that “road construction” season will soon be over, giving… Read More »