Monthly Archives: July 2008

Something Terrific from MIT

I was looking for some open source courseware, and my Google search brought up this site from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They already have materials from 1,800 courses online. Have a look at the home page for the introductory Genetics course, for example. This isn’t a distance learning site and there are no fees… Read More »

More DI Airy Dismissals

You know that the spinners at the Discovery Institute love to hype their own performances and those of critics who usefully follow their lead in discussions of antievolution. So it isn’t any great surprise that the DI is busting out in gleeful adulation of three out of four speakers at a “debate” this past weekend.… Read More »

Irresponsible, or Wicked?

In a stunning case of projection, a shill for “intelligent design creationism” has entered a scurrilous review on of Lauri Lebo’s “The Devil in Dover”. The reviewer, anonymously writing as “Darwin Researcher”, was also among the coterie of reliable sycophants who got pre-release copies of the Foundation for Thought and Ethics’s book, “The Design… Read More »

GECCO 2008

I’m at GECCO 2008, the ACM’s SIGEVO annual conference. This morning, PZ Myers gave a very nice keynote talk on developmental biology and the cool things developmental biology provides for those considering how evolutionary change happens. PZ and I and one of my colleagues from the MSU Digital Evolution lab went over to the Georgia… Read More »


Okemos and Meridian put on a good fireworks show this past Fourth of July.

What do Carl Baugh and Answers in Genesis Have in Common?

Answer: they both have expressed appreciation for The Flintstones. My copy of Answers Update came in the mail today, and on the flip side from the address label is a one-page article titled, “The Flintstones — Evolutionists’ Enemy?” This popular cartoon program — going around the world for decades — goes against everything that evolutionists… Read More »

Blast from the Past: IC and Impedance Matching

Today, Nelson Alonso turned up on AtBC and turned in an amazing performance that has to be seen to be believed. Alonso is a long-time second-tier “intelligent design” creationism cheerleader; I’ve had experience in online discussions with him since the late 1990s. Some of his braggadocio touched upon having a long history of online discussion.… Read More »

A Pournelle Misunderstanding

Jerry Pournelle is apparently convinced that “intelligent design” creationism is unfairly being suppressed. Among a smorgasbord of misunderstandings served up by Jerry, I’m just going to pick on a little one here. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about intelligent design because I have never had any concern about the impossibility of reconciling… Read More »