Monthly Archives: May 2004

Life Moving On, #2

It’s been a bit since I’ve written something here. I am still working on the recovery. I can get up and move around easier now, but I still get tired very easily. Come next Tuseday, I will have my last dose of prednisone. It is good to be coming off that drug. I have a… Read More »

Darwinism In Crisis Again?

Let me start this off with a quote from Charles Darwin: I have been struck with the likeness of many of the half-favourable criticisms on sexual selection, with those which appeared at first on natural selection; such as, that it would explain some few details, but certainly was not applicable to the extent to which… Read More »

Life Moving On

May 9th – May 14th Things have seemed hectic for someone as out of it as me. I’m sorry I’ve slipped on the updates lately. Anyway, this one covers a few days that have been pretty good for me. This means I haven’t spent quite as much time stuck on the sofa next to one… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #9

Friday, May 7th – Sunday, May 9th Friday was the first full day my parents, Willard and Margaret, were here. I was a bit tired still from the activities of Thursday. Diane was off to Berkeley for more seminars. Glenn Branch and Nick Matzke dropped by in the afternoon to say hello and we chatted… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #8

Wednesday, May 5th, and Thursday, May 6th: Wednesday went well. I was able to spend some time catching up with some minor issues of configuration at work via the Internet connection. I do continue to have some pain in the abdomen which gets better with rest. Went for a walk with Diane to the end… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #7

Sunday, May 2nd – Tuesday, May 4 My appetite is improving and my ability to take in food seems to be catching up. On the down side, I sneezed once on Sunday and again on Monday. This was not a good thing for my abdomen. On Tuesday, I spent a good deal of the day… Read More »

Rest and Recuperation, #6

Friday, April 30th, and Saturday, May 1st, proceeded pretty uneventfully. I do seem to have uncomfortable tension in the abdomen on standing and whenever I remain standing. That’s annoying. On Friday, Joe and Angela returned for another visit and brought chicken and sourdough bread for supper. On Saturday, I got a call from Jeff Shallit.… Read More »

Anti-Spam: Better Late Than Never

There is one moment when a spammer must be truthful. No matter how many lies are in his materials, when he makes a connection to an intended recipient’s mail transport agent (MTA), he must reveal the IP address of his machine or one which translates his address. In other words, he has to tell where… Read More »