Monthly Archives: November 2006

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Here’s some fresh stuff from our hunt on Thanksgiving. What’s interesting about that photo is that we took four hawks into the field. I’m not sure about the extra raptor here, but it’s probably a resident red-tailed hawk. Please follow and like us:


I am really happy to be around for this Thanksgiving. Two years ago I was recovering from major surgery and wondering what life would be like in my future. Today, we started things off with a visit to a horse ranch in Jamul where Andrea has obtained permission to take the hawks out to try… Read More »

Good News from the CA Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court has ruled that web sites are not liable for libellous material on those sites if it was written by a third party. In other words, a plaintiff can go after the libelling party in court, but not the online medium that was used to publish the libel, if there is no… Read More »

“Dover” in the Works

Variety briefly notes that Paramount Studios has hired Ron Nyswaner to write a script for “Dover”, a movie based upon the events of the Kitzmiller v. DASD trial last year. What wasn’t in the Variety article is that Nyswaner was already on the job. He attended the one year reunion of the plaintiffs earlier this… Read More »


I’m currently in Texas. I have a couple of meetings at UT Austin this week, and one with North Texas Skeptics. Texas is looking like it will be an active site for antievolution efforts in the coming year. I’m also looking into buying some faster hardware for serving pages on PT, AE, TD, and this… Read More »

One Mistake in the Media

The New York Review of Books features an article by Garry Wills, A Country Ruled by Faith, that provides a useful overview of just how pervasive some distinctly odd intermingling of faith and politics has become in the current administration. However, there was a bit of a hiccup in the original article online: The Discovery… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

This bird was in the weathering yard early in the morning of Saturday, Nov. 4th, at the California Hawking Club Mini-Meet in Colusa, California. This isn’t the sharpest of pictures, but the recorded movement is something I find pleasant. Please follow and like us:

Ohio Voters Make Their Choices

I’m watching the election return information on the handy National Public Radio website. And the reports on the race between incumbent ID advocate Deborah Owens-Fink and challenger former Akron mayor Tom Sawyer show, with 262 out of 1005 precincts reporting, that Sawyer currently has 54% of the vote, and Fink has 29%. If this continues… Read More »

The Kitzmiller Reunion

I was able to attend the one-year reunion of the Kitzmiller plaintiffs. Here are my favorites of pictures I took over the weekend. Look for Professor Steve Steve’s report on the Panda’s Thumb sometime soon. Please follow and like us:

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Shelby looks hopefully for a tidbit. This is fresh from the mews, taken yesterday with the new camera, new flash, and an old lens. I’ve received some of the photographic gear to replace the stuff that was stolen. The camera is a Nikon D2Xs, and the flash of choice for the camera is the Nikon… Read More »

PayPerPost terms

There’s a fair amount of buzz about PayPerPost, a service that links up bloggers and advertisers such that a blogger can make a specified amount of money for linking to an advertiser’s product or writing a post about it. Some advertisers have apparently included in their requirements that no mention of PayPerPost appear in such… Read More »

Pulling the Trigger on Gunnison Sage Grouse

A report in the Denver Post tells of how politicians in the Department of the Interior have blocked listing of several species as endangered, including the Gunnison sage grouse. Much of the criticism of the listing decisions was directed at Interior Deputy Assistant Secretary Julie MacDonald, who the environmental groups say reversed several scientific findings… Read More »