Monthly Archives: October 2004

More Adventures in Recuperation, #4

This promises to be a long, slow climb out of the hole. I’m having continuing pain associated with digestion and elimination, but according to my surgeon I am progressing as expected. The ileo-anal diet is one calculated based upon how little trouble the food causes below the stomach, not how good it tastes or how… Read More »

More Adventures in Recuperation, #3

It’s Saturday, and things are changing. The NG tube came out on Friday. I went off the patient-controlled analgesia on Friday, and onto oral pain medication. I’ve been on a “full liquid diet” so far. This morning, the rectal tube was removed, so now I’ll be traipsing off to the restroom quite a bit. The… Read More »

More Adventures in Recuperation, #2

Today was not my best day. I started the day getting a sponge bath and change of IV site. While sitting in a chair and having a couple of sites unsuccessfully tried, I got a bit nauseous, then light-headed. I got back in bed and they hooked me up to O2, which helped. Something I… Read More »

More Adventures in Recuperation, #1

I’m now resting in a hoospital room. The surgery covered everything at once, so as long as the re-introduction to food goes carefully, all should be well. Dressings from the stoma and incision sites were removed and replaced this morning. I’ll be going on sips of clear fluid. The NG tube is still in, which… Read More »

Surgery Day Today

I’ll be going in for surgery a bit later this morning. I’m supposed to be at admissions at the Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek facility at 5:40 AM. I’m on the early schedule for surgery, so I should be in surgery somewhere around 8AM. I was told the procedure itself takes 219 minutes, so I should… Read More »