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Getting Acquainted

I’ve had two days in the new job. As with any new thing, there are a number of administrative things to take care of. At Michigan State University, pretty much the big initial thing is getting one’s “NetID”, the computer service identity for dealing with the campus information systems. Until you get that, you aren’t… Read More »

On the Move, The Move’s End

We spent Friday night in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Weather Channel let us know that severe winter weather was headed into the area, so we hit the road in the morning to try to stay ahead of it. That worked. We made it into Lansing, Michigan around dusk on Saturday. Our choice was stark: offload… Read More »

On the Move, Days 3, 4, and 5

Our travel across country continues. On Tuesday, we did make it to Albuquerque, where we were able to appreciate the hospitality of our friend, Janice, who works for Honeywell there. We spent Wednesday night at a rest area in Texas that commemorated Route 66. This has to be the fanciest rest area that I’ve seen… Read More »

Why Deepak Chopra’s Critique of Evolutionary Biology is Bogus

Basically, Chopra doesn’t have a clue about what he chooses to critique. But even he halfway admits that at the end of his article. While a fisking of Deepak Chopra’s article (part 2) could be useful, I’ll just point out a rock-solid counter to his blithering: parasite-mediated control of host behavior. What you get in… Read More »

On the Move, Day 2

We rolled on across the rest of California on I-40 through Needles (we didn’t stop to see Spike). There was some rain going across that. In Arizona, we encountered heavier rain, then snow as we passed Williams and got to Flagstaff. Emily and Mike have gathered information from the Internet for us as we travel… Read More »

On the Move, Day 1

We got on the road after getting our car loaded on a dolly this morning. This evening, we are about 422 miles along on the trip, a bit east of Barstow on I-40. The weather was good to start with, but we ran into a bit of rain around Bakersfield. We got to clear weather… Read More »

Packing News, Part 3

We admitted defeat earlier this week. After offloading a bunch of stuff, ditching the four-drawer file cabinets, and handing over the chest freezer, we took the trailer to get weighed again. It was about 3000 pounds heavier than we expected. So we have rented a truck after all. Glenn and Nick from NCSE came over… Read More »

Packing News, Part 2

We´ve been getting our trailer loaded with stuff with an eye to getting it weighed. Friday business hours went by with drizzle and rain, and we still had plenty more to do, so we found out about a place with a scale that was open on Saturday. Working to the deadline, we got the trailer… Read More »

Packing News

We’ve taken down almost all the fixtures at this point. We have the various California-mandated disposal groups set: e-waste, batteries, other hazardous materials. And the trailer is getting filled with about 40 “file totes”. Please follow and like us:

Templeton Foundation Says: Stance is misconstrued on ‘intelligent design’

Stance is misconstrued on ‘intelligent design’ – Los Angeles Times The Templeton Foundation, the deep pockets people for science and religion studies, takes another step away from the putrefying corpse of the “intelligent design” creationism movement. Pamela Thompson says in her letter to the LA Times: We do not believe that the science underpinning the… Read More »

Ducks likely laughing at hungry interloper | 02/04/2007 | Ducks likely laughing at hungry interloper Gary Bogue responds to a reader whose husband saw a hawk in the water with some ducks. Dear Delta: I think the hawk was diving down to grab itself a duck dinner … and missed. KER-SPLASH! Could your husband tell if the ducks were laughing?… Read More »

Super Bowl?

OK, I was really, really into packing today. I hear there was a Super Bowl. So, what happened? Please follow and like us:

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

This one is from a few years back. Andrea’s passage red-tailed hawk, Lavan, comes to the glove. Photo taken with the Fuji S2 Pro camera and Nikkor 70-300mm G lens. Please follow and like us: