Monthly Archives: December 2010

Grab the PDFs — Ends 12/31

The Synthese special issue on “Evolution and Its Rivals” allows downloads of the full PDFs for all the articles, but only through 12/31, so you have just a day left to download them for free. After that, they go back to being $35 each or something of the sort. Jeff Shallit and I have an… Read More »

“Ark Park” Drivel in the WSJ

An op-ed by Wilfred M. McClay in the Wall Street Journal predictably favors a $37+ million dollar tax break offered by the state of Kentucky to developers of Answers in Genesis’ new idea, an amusement park built around a Noah’s Ark theme. More seriously, civil libertarians’ are concerned that the park would involve an unconstitutional… Read More »

The Worms Turn… and a Patient Recovers

A CNN report describes a motivated ulcerative colitis patient arranging for his own experimental treatment. Experimenting on yourself is frowned upon, but that patient persevered and is doing better. Meanwhile, the patient had gone on the internet and found an article in a medical journal by Dr. Joel Weinstock, chief of gastroenterology at Tufts University… Read More »

Health Care in the News

There was a piece on NPR about balancing the budget and how Medicare alone is 12% of the federal budget, or $500B dollars. $500B dollars… that works out to about $16,000 dollars per US citizen per year. [I apparently entered an extra 0 plugging that into the calculator, which brings the calculated figure down to… Read More »

Here We Go Again… North Pole, This Time

Quark Expeditions is having another popularity contest for a blogger to go on a trip, this time the destination is the North Pole. And I’ve entered again and am seeking votes. Yes, that didn’t work so well last time for the Antarctic trip, but I’m getting going sooner and the popularity contest isn’t absolute: a… Read More »