Monthly Archives: December 2009

Krugman and the Big Zero

Paul Krugman casts a jaundiced eye back over the last decade in his NYT column. So let’s bid a not at all fond farewell to the Big Zero — the decade in which we achieved nothing and learned nothing. Will the next decade be better? Stay tuned. Oh, and happy New Year. Personally, I learned… Read More »

Read “The Duck”

Please go read The Duck. Pass it on to your friends, especially if they are journalists. ONCE TWO SCIENTISTS—it hardly matters what sort—were walking before dinner beside a pleasant pond with their friend, a reporter for the Dispatch, when they happened to notice a bird standing beside the water.

Opderbeck and Dover, Round 2

I’m going to respond to a comment left by David Opderbeck to my previous post. [David Opderbeck:] Wesley, I have one more post coming, more on theological issues. On the Kitzmiller opinion itself, if you don’t think the “demarcation” question was central to the opinion, you’re just misreading it. David, We seem to be at… Read More »