Monthly Archives: December 2005

New Phone

I got an Audiovox XV6600 PDA with cell phone capabilities. In order to make it generally useful as a phone I also have a Jabra BT350 Bluetooth headset. So far, things seem fine, though I miss the voice recognition on my old Motorola T720 phone. Part of the reason for going with this was to… Read More »

A Christmas Thought

Diane and I are visiting our parents. We’ll have the whole family together for Christmas day. I am filled with gratitude to be here, given how easily I might have succumbed in 2004 to my illness. And my life has been filled with blessings. It is certainly a good time to reflect on these things.… Read More »

“Maybe A New Name”

Quick, go have a look at Tom Toles’ editorial cartoon. Two primates consider a drawing upon which three identical quadrupeds are drawn. From left to right, they bear the names, “Creationism”, “Creation Science”, and “Intelligent Design”. One of the figures is making the comment, “We’re not making a lot of progress.” In the corner is… Read More »

Robertson on Dover

Pat Robertson weighed in on the Dover intelligent-design case again during Wednesday night’s broadcast of “The 700 Club.” Rather than attacking the voters in the Dover Area School District, – as he did last time – this time he directed his criticism toward the American Civil Liberties Union, Judge John E. Jones III and scientists… Read More »

The Galvanic Response

In a response to the KvD decision, William Dembski had a few words to say: “This galvanizes the Christian community,” said William Dembski, a leading proponent of the theory and a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a Seattle think tank that promotes intelligent design research. “People I’m talking to say we’re going to be… Read More »

A Correction

I’ve come to an understanding that what one says is not necessarily what one will be reported to say. A chunk of that understanding came from my stint as a photojournalist working with reporters. It’s a hazard of life for those who become spokespersons. But the ways in which a reporter can get things wrong… Read More »

Media Interaction

I was in a three-minute spot on the KRON 4 TV morning show with Phil Matier today. Nick Matzke was on the Channel 2 show, as local TV found the Dover, PA decision of interest. Matier’s spots are taken on location at the Buttercup Kitchen Restaurant in downtown Oakland. The setup is, as Matier explained,… Read More »

Seeing Myself Through Another’s Eyes

Jeff Shallit pointed out to me that a chunk of a article describes a lecture I gave at Chabot College in November. Elsberry launched the series to a standing-room-only crowd, with a detailed review of the history of evolutionary theory from pre-Darwin days until now. It was thorough and fair and totally lacking in… Read More »

KvD: Plaintiffs (and Science Education) Win!

In a clearly-argued decision, Judge John E. Jones III ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in the Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District case. Back in 2004, Casey Luskin and I had lunch. One of the topics of conversation was the legal status of “intelligent design” and how a court case might turn… Read More »

SMM2005 Kickoff Pics

We drove down to San Diego and are staying with Andrea, a fellow falconer. So here are all the birds perched out in Andrea’s yard. Registration on Sunday at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego. I did an on-site registration for Diane, and it took over an hour of standing in line. The picture shows… Read More »

The Biennial Conference is On

The 16th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals is on in San Diego, California. I am seeing many of my colleagues from when I worked here, and many friends and acquaintances from much further away. There are over 300 talks scheduled and over 800 poster presentations. Sunday night had an icebreaker event at… Read More »

Computing Stuff

I’m working on an installation of the new FreeBSD 6.0 release. They promise that the filesystem is more efficient now, which seems like a nice feature. My approach is to use the “dangerously dedicated” (DD) disk mode: why should I mess up FreeBSD with another, mostly-useless, bootable partition gumming up the works? Another nice thing… Read More »

Back from Visit

Diane and I are back from a visit with our friends from Florida, Tanya and John, who are travelling with their children, Paul (age 5) and Veronica (age 3). We headed south on Sunday, pausing at the O’Neill Forebay Wildlife Area to take Rusty, Glamdring, Farli, and Ritka out to hunt for pheasant. Rusty did… Read More »