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End-of-the-World Playlist

Over at NPR, there was a post asking people for the song to be played during the Rapture as predicted by Harold Camping. I gave several choices in my response: For years, I’ve kept a directory of songs, just called “apoc”. Top choices that are explicitly about the end of the world out of that… Read More »

And Now for a Word from Our Sponsor

We’re watching one of these reality-TV shows with someone doing a survival stint in the Australian outback. Our hero was discussing the lack of water, and just before the commercial break announced, “I’m going to have to drink my own pee.” The scene faded to black, and the first commercial came on. It was advertising… Read More »

A Friday Night Outing

Spring has arrived on the calendar. Here in Michigan, what arrived was a heavy snowstorm dropping about four inches of new snow on things. Ed Brayton came to Lansing this evening for a performance by a friend of his, Don Reese. I got invited to tag along. We met for dinner at “Smokey Bones” at… Read More »

Pop Culture Takes a Shot at Paranoia

As with many guys in the USA on New Year’s, I’m in a room with a big screen TV and college football playing. The particular game is the Konica-Minolta Gator Bowl, but the thing that motivated me to write this entry is a commercial from Konica-Minolta. They are selling office equipment (having sold off their… Read More »

Antievolution Humor?

Commenter “FtK” at the YoungCosmos YEC cheerleader weblog expands a bit on an opening post that wonders whether commenters at “After the Bar Closes” might choose to neuter themselves. Oh, and as for neutering the ATBC boyshey, Im all for it. So, going from musing about reproductive choices among critics to espousing some active program… Read More »

Prof. Steve Steve Visits; Dinner and a Mineral Show

Prof. Steve Steve finally stopped taking advantage of the hospitality of the Chicago contingent of the PT/AtBC community, arriving on my doorstep on Friday. Prof. Steve Steve seems to have “Be Prepared” down pat. Then we were off to dinner. Ed Brayton picked “Smokey Bones” in Lansing as the meeting place. Clockwise around the table,… Read More »

An Unnatural Selection

You see the darndest stuff on Craigslist, and not all of it weird personals or household detritus. Over at Panda’s Thumb, “GvlGeologist” notes a humorous entry on Craigslist concerning M&M candies and one man’s tournament to find the strongest candy shell. Please follow and like us:

Atomic Theory of Antievolution

I’m going to describe an atomic theory of antievolution. Antievolution, I assert, is comprised of a large number of elemental arguments. The set of arguments can be arranged and deployed in a number of different ways, just as chemical compounds can be described in terms of atomic constituents. In the beginning, there was naive creationism.… Read More »

Laughter is the Best… Well, It’s Something

Steve Story at the “After the Bar Closes” forum riffed off of some posted questions comprising a final exam in rhetoric offered by William Dembski, to create a new question. I think the new question should be more widely heard: 14. You are the head of a PR company in Seattle. You have $4 million… Read More »