Monthly Archives: August 2010

Incandescent and Compact Fluorescent Lights

We’ve been replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights as needed here. So I have a ceiling fan with a light fixture that now has two remaining incandescent lights and three compact fluorescent lights. Here is a picture of the light fixture: I think it is just possible to pick out which are which. Give… Read More »

Another Level of Recycling

I signed up for a couple of recycle / “freecycle” email lists, one for Pinellas County, and the other for Manatee County. If you haven’t seen these, people who want to pass along items that they aren’t using will put up an “OFFER: item” type email, and people interested in using the item can respond… Read More »

NCIS: LA “Found”: A Demurral

I caught a repeat of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode, “Found”, earlier this week. There are synopses and reviews various places, like here and here. Neither of those took any notice of the issue of vigilantism in the episode. I think that it is something that should be a bit higher on the radar. In… Read More »

Allen West: Anti-American, and Proud of It

Tea Party candidate Allen West made clear his disdain for the “Coexist” bumper sticker. West was quoted as saying, [A]s I was driving up here today, I saw that bumper sticker that absolutely incenses me. Its not the Obama bumper sticker. But its the bumper sticker that says, Co-exist. And it has all the little… Read More »

AiG Responds to Comment; Dog Bites Man

“The Underground Site” passes on some arguments from Answers in Genesis responding to comments made by an ethnologist, Bernadette Barton, who took a few trips to the “Creation Museum” facility. From the looks of the responses, AiG probably should have just kept mum; they seem to be of the “Bridgewater Treatise” sort of reply that… Read More »

The Visitor in the Night

About 5 AM, I heard an owl outside the house. I went out to check, since owls and hawks don’t mix well. I wanted to make sure the owl wasn’t near Rusty. The owl turned out to be perched high in an oak tree in the front yard. The owl proved to be a pretty… Read More »

David Klinghoffer Gets an Education

David Klinghoffer recently challenged Lauri Lebo to explain how the Discovery Institute’s promotion of “intelligent design” related to creationism. And Lauri wrote a nice article explaining how. It is a good read. And if Klinghoffer can manage to read it for comprehension, he might even achieve enlightenment. As Lauri notes, we are fast coming up… Read More »

New Scientist Article on Evolving Programs

This New Scientist article discusses some really cool results coming out of the Devolab at Michigan State University. In for particular attention was my colleague, Laura Grabowski, who defended her dissertation on memory evolving in Avidians shortly before I left MSU. She is now a professor at the University of Texas – Pan American in… Read More »