Laughter is the Best… Well, It’s Something

Steve Story at the “After the Bar Closes” forum riffed off of some posted questions comprising a final exam in rhetoric offered by William Dembski, to create a new question. I think the new question should be more widely heard:

14. You are the head of a PR company in Seattle. You have $4 million a year to try to promote Science X. In 20 years Science X has solved no problems, performed no experiments, and generated neither hypotheses nor interest from serious researchers. You don’t even bother to publish your fake journal anymore. Virtually all scientists say Science X is an enormous pantload and obviously fraudulent. Despite all this, a small percentage of zealous nitwits believe in Science X and buy your books and attend your fake conferences. Explain, in 300 words, whether you should get leather or fabric interior for your new Jaguar.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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