AiG and Cheerleaders

AiG recently bragged about the 100,000th visitor to their “Creation Museum”:

Less than two months after opening its doors to the public, the Creation Museum hosted its 100,000th guest this past weekend—a milestone not expected for months to come and a sign, museum officials say, of the continuing popularity of the critically acclaimed high-tech facility.

Mike Burleson adds this bit of commentary:

Apparently, all the negative publicity from Evolutionists has had the opposite effect, and is helping to drum up business!

As of June 24th, AiG was talking about how they might top their target of 250,000 visitors annually, extrapolating from the attendance data to that point to say they might get 549,000 visitors in the first year. 100,000 is slightly more people than one gets by dividing out AiG’s prediction for the year by the time the museum has been opened.

There is, of course, no data to support the causal conjecture made by Burleson, continuing a long tradition of unfounded antievolution speculation.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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