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“A Hawk with Hopes of a Fresh Squirrel Lunch”

Neither more nor less: A Hawk with Hopes of a Fresh Squirrel Lunch The linked blog post has some photos of a red-tailed hawk trying to catch squirrels in an urban park. Bob Arihoob notes that two hours of effort didn’t get the RTH anything. There’s two comments to go with that. First, a lot… Read More »

Unaffiliated Attorney Regrets End of Lawsuit

Attorney Regrets Georgia School Boards Decision to Settle With Darwinists Ah, the newsoids… Recently the Cobb County School Board settled the lawsuit and agreed not to edit materials on evolution in school textbooks. But Brian Fahling, senior litigation counsel at the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (AFA Law Center), says he wishes… Read More »

Falconry Hits the Funny Pages

OK, Gary Larson’s “Trouble Brewing” panel did it a long time ago, but today’s Pearls Before Swine takes up falconry as its topic. It’s a bit out of whack… Six years? Six weeks, maybe, or six months for a long time period, but years is out of place. Still, the essential thing about falconry that… Read More »

Back To Academia

Barring some difficulty with grant administration, I’ll be taking a leave of absence from the National Center for Science Education in January and taking up a university research position on a one-year grant. As Glenn Branch noted to me, I’ll be giving up professional status in the evolution/creation socio-political controversy to become yet another academic… Read More »

The Intelligent Design Awards(TM)

DMPC Announces the 2006 Winners of the Disease Management Intelligent Design Awards(TM) Hat tip to Glenn Branch on this. Here is an organization that knows how to best put the shoddy reputation of the term “intelligent design” to good use: The Disease Management Purchasing Consortium (DMPC), the most comprehensive source of information about the disease… Read More »

Can I Get a Piece of That?

Casey Luskin is getting beaten like a drum over his failed attempts to argue that Judge Jones did something “disapproved” of by higher courts. Looking over Luskin’s latest offering reveals this: And keep in mind that the Third Circuit interpreted a Supreme Court ruling as directly “holding,” in part, that judicial copying is “highly disapproved… Read More »

PT Changes

About four hours ago, I changed over the Panda’s Thumb server to a new, faster internet connection. There’s one DNS entry that I don’t have edit access for that needs to be changed to get scripts going again. I’ve put in the request and hopefully that will follow shortly.

A Bad Week for Antievolution

In the last week or so, antievolution forces have made a number of high-profile missteps and have settled a prominent court case. – The Discovery Institute tried to accuse Judge John E. Jones III of some sort of impropriety in using the plaintiffs’s proposed finding of facts in his decision in the Kitzmiller v. Dover… Read More »

Diabetes breakthrough

Diabetes breakthrough If this news report and the research behind it are accurate, this is a huge story. A tip of the hat to Steve Story, who dropped this link to me in email. (Update: Another hat tip to Arkady Bukh for the new link since the old one forgot itself.) I’d say it is… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Here a falcon climbs in the California Hawking Club’s 2004 Sky trials. This was the only Sky Trial event I recall being to where the sun shone on the proceedings. It was still quite cold, but at least it wasn’t raining. Fuji S2, Nikkor 70-200mm lens. Cropped from original, resized, tone curve applied, and some… Read More »

A Great Riposte

Over on the “After the Bar Closes” forum, a fellow with the unlikely handle of “Occam’s Toothbrush” had a particularly good rejoinder to a bizarre claim from one of the “Uncommon Descent” sycophants. The bizarre claim? I have every reason to suspect that the Judge took a payoff from the ACLU. And the response: Of… Read More »

White river dolphin declared extinct

Be: White river dolphin declared extinct This news article tells us something that marine mammalogists have been expecting for a while: it sure looks like the baiji, or Yangtze river dolphin, is now extinct. This is pretty much a straightforward tale of habitat loss, as human uses of the Yangtze River in China — and… Read More »

Earliest flying mammal discovered

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Earliest flying mammal discovered The report says that the fossils of a flying-squirrel-ish animal from 125 million years ago or so were found. Not, of course, that they think this group was ancestral to squirrels or bats. Given the age of these critters, though, we can have yet another idea… Read More »

Celebrity dolphin ‘may have been chopped up’

Celebrity dolphin ‘may have been chopped up’ Over in the United Kingdom, bodies are turning up everywhere. There is a sicko who is going after the Ipswich prostitute population. And now somebody chopped up a bottlenose dolphin and left the remains for others to find. Folks are concerned that the dolphin may have been one… Read More »

Hawks, Dogs, and People

There’s a news story about a boy who fought off a red-tailed hawk that was trying to drag off the boy’s dachshund puppy. I can understand a certain feistiness in protecting a pet. I expect that I would give no quarter in protecting either of our dogs. I certainly wouldn’t ease up in protection of… Read More »

York Dispatch and the DI

Yesterday, the Discovery Institute distributed a press release about how Judge Jones used rather a lot of the plaintiffs’s proposed findings of facts in his decision in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case. Any number of respondents have pointed out that judges do use proposed findings of fact in decisions, sometimes quite extensively.… Read More »

No Kill Now!

Having been introduced to the bizarre mind-warp that is “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” back in 1985 and 1986 when they used every dirty political trick to have my boss then, Richard H. Lambertsen, denied tenure, I’m not surprised a bit as revelations of their program come to light. PETA’s not-so-public goal is… Read More »

Fraptorday: Weekly Raptor

Shelby, our male Harris’s hawk, makes a quick turn. I wish I could say that he was in pursuit of some prey item, but no, he was actually trying to see if some of the other people in our party might have a tidbit for him. He still looks good, though. Photo details: Nikon D2Xs,… Read More »