Monthly Archives: March 2005

New Rules for Falconry

The US Fish and Wildlife Service published a proposed change to the Migratory Bird Permits regulations. This is a full reworking of the Federal regulations on falconry in the United States. The FWS has been working on these for a number of years. The official comment period ends May 10, 2005. Changes include: Single permitting… Read More »

The Gear is Here

Diane’s gear for the field season has arrived. Now it is time to configure everything to make things go. She has two of the Core Sound PDAudio-CF based sound systems — HP H5550 PocketPC, dual PCMCIA expansion pack, 4GB Compact Flash card, PDAudio-CF card, two CF to PCMCiA adapters, Mic2496 pre-amp and AD, and a… Read More »

A Weblog Birthday

I write articles at the Panda’s Thumb weblog (PT), and today marks its first year of operation. It has been well received this year. The main focus of PT is discussion of evolutionary biology and critiques of antievolution claims. There are some plans for tongue-in-cheek activities for this coming year, so keep checking from time… Read More »

A Blast from the Past

Patrick McGoohan turned 77 this past Saturday. I found this little piece of trivia because I decided to Google for “mcgoohan scarecrow”. For some reason, I vaguely recalled a Disney television show from back when I was a child. And I found this page among various eBay memorabilia links. The bit about McGoohan was on… Read More »

Can’t Install Just One FireFox Extension

I’ve installed the Mozilla Firefox browser on the machines here after a particularly vicious spyware trojan got installed on one via Internet Explorer. (Recovering that machine — which is the one I am using now — took three weeks of clock time, about twelve hours of effort, and the use of an uninfected machine to… Read More »

Snowed Under

Sorry there haven’t been more entries lately. I’m back at work full-time, which means when the day is done, so am I, pretty much. They keep me busy there. I’m also helping Diane with preparations for her field season in Wyoming, now about a dozen days away. There are revisions to papers to get done,… Read More »

Diane’s Gear for the Field

Diane and Gail have settled on using the PDA-based acoustic solution using Core Sound’s PDAudio-CF and Mic2496 products. Now they are trying to get everything purchased in time to go to Wyoming around the 1st of April. The specs on the sound quality looked good, and we spoke with Jeff Schmitt of ViAcoustics who said… Read More »

“Why Intelligent Design Fails” in its Second Printing

A few days ago, I received my author’s copy of Why Intelligent Design Fails (WIDF). This is an anthology published by Rutgers University Press on the topic of the claims made by “intelligent design” advocates. While “intelligent design” advocates hold conferences and publish books, and at some conferences critics of “intelligent design” attend and present,… Read More »

Science and the USA

EducationWeekly has a short article about the fears of a technologist concerning the future of science education. Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s former chief technology officer, is “fundamentally fearful” of a decline in science education in the US, especially in primary schools. “I just fear for our long term competitiveness,” he said. “Education in the US is… Read More »

Hyping the Science

I’ve mentioned here before how big claims made in news reports of science can be misleading. Here’s a news report on hype in science as a pernicious — and growing — trend. ELEANOR HALL: In the modern world of mass communication it seems no one is immune, not even those in the normally staid world… Read More »

Skype Works

For years, my sister and others have tried to get me to install various “voice chat” programs that would allow us to converse via Internet connection. And for years I’ve been too lazy to set up the tedious firewall rules that would lead to success with those programs, or too cautious to simply open up… Read More »

Prepping Diane for the Field Season

Diane’s new post-doctoral position has to do with acoustics and sage grouse. The idea is to go to Wyoming and record noise sources and also the sage grouse themselves during the mating season. Male sage grouse display for females in a restricted area, and each male has his own small patch of territory that doesn’t… Read More »

Heisenberg for Biology?

There’s a press release that reports on a drastic shift in sex ratio of offspring of water voles in animals with radio tracking collars. Radio-tracking associated with ‘dramatic shift’ in water vole sex ratio Wildlife researchers are being warned that radio-tracking could be affecting the animals they are studying. According to new research published today… Read More »