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More Minerals

I celebrated my 48th birthday a little over a week ago. I got a package from Jeff Shallit, whose avocation is minerals. Diane and I have met up before with Jeff and his family in the desert southwest, a destination he enjoys particularly for the opportunity to apply geological knowledge and find minerals for himself.… Read More »


How does one plot 5.2 million XY data points? I ran into this while working on a paper submission. This is one thing one does not lack for when doing evolutionary computation: size of data sets. Matlab seems to become dog slow and unstable when trying to plot large numbers of data points. The interface… Read More »

Budget Computing

Back in 2006, we passed on a computer system to a friend of ours who had none at home. Since then, she has gotten interested in digital photography and wants to produce some designs for CafePress, as well as the usual email, browsing, and writing. This is complicated by the fact that she and her… Read More »

Unpleasantness in Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton Weekly : Hosterman can keep her hawk I lived from late 2003 to early 2007 in Concord, California. The news story above concerns Pleasanton, a community near Concord. It seems to me to be much todo about nothing. At basis, it concerns an apprentice falconer who simply wants to have an outside mews in… Read More »

The Case of the Missing Perch

A friend of mine put her hawk in the weathering yard at the January, 2007 California Hawking Club meet. At the end of the meet, she put her bird in its traveling box, put box and bird in her vehicle, then went back to collect her ring perch. She discovered that someone else had collected… Read More »

Florida: Comment Entered for Florida Today

Megan Downs at Florida Today called for people to send her their opinions about “intelligent design”. I fully expect the resulting article to be a mess, but I’d like to be pleasantly surprised. In any event, here’s what I’m sending along: I’ve been interacting with “intelligent design” creationism (IDC) advocates since presenting at one of… Read More »

Making the Dynamic into the Static, and Why

Part of the domain is an online web-based bulletin board system; let’s call that the AE Public BB. It has been operating since about 2002 with the current software, the Perl-based IkonBoard system. IkonBoard has pretty much become a legacy system without much in the way of support or user development, but the instance… Read More »

Florida: Ignorance by Design

Pim van Meurs has an excellent post on Panda’s Thumb, Ignorance by Design, with loads of links to the various entities and people involved in the Florida antievolution dustup. And please, get involved if you are in Florida. The new science standards need your support now. Please follow and like us:

PETA Gets Cut of “Blonde and Blonder” Gate

Empire Film Group Announces a Special Theatrical Promotion With PETA for “BLONDE AND BLONDER” Release – MSNBC Wire Services – Pamela Anderson thinks that donating a cut of the gate for “Blond and Blonder” to PETA, the animal rights extremist organization, will increase ticket sales for the movie. It’s your choice, of course, but… Read More »

Stolen Goshawk Found

Joy as stolen bird of prey found in bush A nice uplifting article about a goshawk who was in a vehicle when the vehicle was stolen. The thief apparently dumped the goshawk out of its travel box. The falconer put out a request for information in the local newspaper with a reward, and while there… Read More »

Florida: The Antievolution Conspiracy

The count of county school boards in Florida adopting antievolution resolutions is now claimed to be at 12. And PZ Myers at Pharyngula notes that the various school boards have been adopting the same resolution. That, PZ explains, means that there are people working stealthily behind the scenes to bring this about across the state… Read More »

Florida: “Academic Freedom” Label for Same Old Antievolution

There’s a website in Florida parroting the Discovery Institute’s faux concern for “academic freedom”, the Florida Coalition for Academic Freedom. So far, the “coalition” appears to mainly be the person of David Gornoski, Bartow High’s 2006 valedictorian. Gornoski’s evolution in antievolution is apparent, starting from his 2006 address at the Bartow High School graduation ceremony… Read More »

Florida: Taylor County Flies Under the Radar

The Florida Citizens for Science weblog picked up on a new report of what is now an old story, that the Taylor County School Board passed a resolution against the draft Florida science standards, back in November. Upon motion by Danny Lundy, seconded by Darrell Whiddon the Board adopted/approved the: 1.) Resolution regarding the new… Read More »

Florida: New Blog at Palm Beach Post

The Palm Beach Post’s new weblog, “Extra Credit”, aims to cover issues in education, both K-12 and higher education. One of the current topics is the treatment of evolution — and absence of “alternatives” — in the new Florida science standards. Amidst various news stories telling of school board members and even Florida DoE employees… Read More »

Starting Off the New Year

I’m just back home from the holidays. This year, Diane and I went to Texas. While out-of-state hunters still get the shaft, at least they do offer a not-horrendously-priced 5-day small game license. Yes, getting multiple ones of that still worked out better than the full out-of-state license for a year. Anyway, if you’ve wondered… Read More »

Pop Culture Takes a Shot at Paranoia

As with many guys in the USA on New Year’s, I’m in a room with a big screen TV and college football playing. The particular game is the Konica-Minolta Gator Bowl, but the thing that motivated me to write this entry is a commercial from Konica-Minolta. They are selling office equipment (having sold off their… Read More »